What's your take on Rob Ferguson leaving

I think it’s a good thing for the franchise. I think that is what was needed for this franchise to grow. Hopefully whomever takes his place comes in with fresh ideas, or at least goes back to making the game more fun like the old days. Supposedly Cliffy-B went on Twitter and offered to consult On the Gears Of War Franchise. I think that would be interesting to see if they accept his offer. Wouldn’t mind seeing what he would bring to the table.

Your thoughts?

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I think people grossly overestimate how much sway Rod had over Gears 4/5. It’s a team of designers that makes these games not just one person.

I doubt we’ll see Gears 5 make any huge changes with Rod leaving. I hope this game and possible future Gears improves in multiple aspects but I’m keeping my expectations low.

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If Cliffy was to come back, it would only be in a consultancy role.

TC/MS don’t have to listen to him. And under some sort of contract I doubt we will know what he has added.

And Rod leaving won’t change much. At least for now anyway. They will just carry on the same path. Plus, Rod is a producer, not a designer. I doubt he will have much input into many of the decisions on gameplay in this game.

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Hi @WhoWantsDis how’s everything going ?

I could say personally that Rod leaving its was a good movement on TC’s part or Microsoft, either one of them took the decision and I think Gears 5 did have a rough , disastrous and infamous start that it really doesn’t surprise me that Rod was fired.

Regarding Cliff , well I did love his vision on GOW 3 and its a that I still play a lot, however I don’t believe a single man could fix Gears 5 and all in a sudden give you a great game , bug free and with netcode working on point.

I think that people with passion and dedication can make a game for the better ( or work also) , so perhaps a mixture of developers from Microsoft and hiring some of the people here on this forum who are very knowledgeable on the game could really make a turn on the tide towards the franchise future. As per my humble opinion that could really work out.


I wasn’t too worried when Rod Ferguson left, but now you’re telling me Rob’s gone too?


Don’t care. He was mostly just the face of the company at this point.

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Games are a collaborative effort, I don’t think Rod leaving is going to change much, whatever that means.

Just no more lunges and keep the current weapon balance for the next game please, Ryan and co. Maybe buff the Boomshot, Markza and Mulcher some.

Fu.ck! Not Rob too! He was one of the good guys.

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The guy went and took a big ■■■ job on Blizzard right after the guy that had been there for the past 20 years left and you think TS or MS gave Rod the boot? Don’t think so, more like Rod gave TC & MS the boot.

To OP, I doubt we’ll see any major changes on G5 but I would like for TC to at least give some kind of answer to cliffy. I doubt he will be the savior a lot of people hope for him to be but at the very least a different approach coming from the one who made G3 couldn’t hurt at all.

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Omg… What if Rab leaves???

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Rumors on Twitter are that Reb is on his way out the door.

Nnnnnnooooooooooooo, does Ron still get to keep his job as the janitor??

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Good riddance. He’s been destroying this franchise ever since GoWJ. I hope that Cliff comes back, he actually knows wtf he’s doing, or at least someone who listens and is passionate about the game

If you wanted Gears of War to be like arcade mode the entire time, then sure.


Cliff is an experienced dev, whatever he had planned would of been much, much better than what we got right now. Rod can go ruin Diablo, I just want someone who can actually make Gears great again

Cliff created a studio and ran it into the ground, resulting in job losses for everyone working there. Just because he is experienced, doesn’t mean he is a saviour figure.

I also notice you didn’t state your thoughts on whether you would have liked Gears versus to have been like arcade mode from the start of Gears 1? Given the response to arcade mode in the Gears 5 feedback thread, its clear that as a community we overwhelmingly wouldn’t want that.

I really don’t get why people keep saying “bring back Cliff” to save Gears. I also don’t know what they think he would do to fix it. You offered nothing other than saying

Why do people have blind faith in him? Do people assume that everything they liked in gears was due to him? Because most of the public decisions he made the community overall didn’t like.


I’m glad he’s gone because I don’t think he brought any value to the franchise other than familiar a face. MS paid him a lot of money to do what?

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Shut up, that’s a “passion project” that he and the team always wanted to make. So much so, they dropped “the next billion dollar game” for it.


Ackshually, It was a “Billion Dollar Franchise”.

You wouldn’t get it since it was the “Dark Souls of First-Person Shooters”,

Rod and Cliff were part of the OG team with Epic, and had similar philosophies. That included a lot of the anti-Gnasher efforts.