What's Your Opinion of the Markza?

Yes, again. :sweat_smile:
I find the current take on the Markza leaves something to be desired, though I’ll admit I’m not very good with it. This is mostly from a PvE point of view but I welcome input from PvP players as well. It feels like it - as a good friend of mine put it - shoots pool noodles even when hitting headshots.
It feels inaccurate for being a precision weapon. I miss the scope from the GZ18 variant in Judgement.
Now that I think about it Markza in 4 and 5 are like a compromise between the original Markza and the Breechshot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really feel as good as either of them. It feels like a total downgrade to me.

I’d personally like to see it get the scope back (or have it be optional? Attachment customization in my Gears game? Heresy!) and get the Breechshot back too.
The current version’s versus tuning is probably in a good spot so the only thing I’d change is the ability to zoom via scope. Alternatively, you could keep this one as is, and bring back both the GZ18 and Breechshot (more work for sure, but I certainly be appreciative) and we could have a “Markza triangle” similar to our three Lancers.

The Breechshot is the odd one out with a redesign and blade like the Retro Lancer, as well as packing the most punch. Predominantly used by Swarm.
The Mk 1 Markza much like the Mark 2 Lancer is largely obsolete and is only really used when there are no other options. These would be used by Outsiders mostly.
The GZ18 Sniper Rifle is the standard to live up to having decent damage and superior accuracy much like the Mark 3 Lancer and GL. The COG/UIR would frequent this one. (Maybe Baird and Paduk will do some workshopping like how Baird and Marcus came up with the current Lancers).

That would be my best case scenario for Gears 6, what does everyone else think?

Edit: Links to sauce.
GZ18 Markza Sniper Rifle | Gears of War Wiki | Fandom
Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle | Gears of War Wiki | Fandom
Breechshot | Gears of War Wiki | Fandom

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I too miss the scope, but having it back might make the Markza step on the toes of the longshot?


This is a well researched and thoughtful post.

While not a “power weapon” in the sense I ascribe to other more dominant pickups, the markza still has relevance in pvp if in accurate hands. It works best I think as a support weapon and a finisher when team crossing. It does feel a bit week though not terrible. A bit better than the boltok.

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I don’t think it would hurt anything, the Longshot will always be chosen over the Markza in favor of a quicker kill.
Or so I would think.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a minor boost to ADS zoom for PvE, scope not required.

I do miss the Judgment version. With a scope and nearly zero recoil. Would be nice for Nomad in PvE, at least as part of the Markza card.

Increased secondary zoom at the minimum, and hopefully some reduced recoil too.


It’s ridiculously inaccurate. It’s probably the worst victim of TC’s attempt to make this game’s shooting more ‘skilful’ by over the top recoil and ‘realistic’ travelling bullets

Gears 4 still reigns supreme when it comes to weaponry, in every aspect.

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From a PvE or PvP perspective? I feel like in PvP like someone stated It’s quite deadly. Even someone like me with lousy aim can be annoying with it which is what I think Markza’s really good at doing. It’s such an interesting weapon I’d like to say more but I wanna keep this compact as possible.

It truly does feel like an underrated weapon and only gets used by both teams when someone else picks it up first. The biggest issue with the wep imo is that people use it wrong. They believe you’re suppose to spam shots on sight hoping it hits someone but in reality thats where this recoil you spoke of comes in.

I say treat it like a Battle Rifle from Halo 3. Not in the sense that a BR is 3 burst but in the sense that there is a delay within 3 burst weps. If you take your time with the Markza you’re more likely to hit shots :slight_smile:

Now the boltok on the other hand…I used to be good with that in 4 but in 5 It’s completely useless in my hands. I’m awful with it lol.


That smiley face is so passive aggressive. I did NOT mean it like that.

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Good weapon.

You’re right, but it even feels inaccurate on the first shot. I think the hit detection or something is off.
I’ve had headshots on scions and DBs not count as critical hits because it wasn’t dead center. That reticle doesn’t help me whatsoever, I find it too “noisy” or distracting if you know what I mean. If the dot in the center is where your shot is supposed to come from, why show the diamond if there’s no chance of bloom (on the first shot)?
The reticle is a minor complaint of mine but it doesn’t really need to be changed.

It was more useable in 4.
In Horde 3.0, it felt like a option and nearly as good as the longshot.

In 4.0, I’ll simply use the longshot the entire game and not even touch it.
As someone said before, it’s a victim of TC’s attempt at making everything “skillful”

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I myself loved the judgement version of it as well. I actually could hit stuff with it. I didn’t think it overshadowed the long shot with the scope because it still took 2 shots to kill.

4? Meh

However, in 5 its depends. In hands that are skilled with it and like it, it’s a good weapon. In my hands…nope…just nope.

(Only PVE opinion)

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Markza and boltok have consistently felt weird in 5, so much easier to control and land shots in 4.


Honestly if something is broke,don’t fix it. The markza was perfect with a scope. I remember playing the gears 4 opening and I picked up a markza and went to try to zoom in with it to only find out that it had no scope. I’m sorta ok with the breechshot not coming back even though it’s Jermad’s signature weapon in the comics. If Nomad could get a card that puts a scope on a markza, I would be fine with that

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If it doesn’t come back in 5 that’ll be fine with me, but I seriously hope it makes it into 6.
The Swarm need more weapons of their own, it hurts to see them use Markzas, EMBARs and Overkills.

I would like the swarm to use MK2 Lancers again. Imagos using Enforcers just ain’t right


Both. I find that when I aim for the head, and I know my aiming is on point, I’m lucky to get a body shot. Whereas if I were to aim for either shoulder, I’ve a greater chance of getting a headshot.

It feels very inconsistent.

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In PvP is strong but the recoil its insane making it hard to land headshots unless you are lucky, almost useless unless you are at mid range.

PVE its a different thing, deadly if you have it maxed as nomad class. And its good to freeze bosses and kill smaller enemies if you play as marksman.

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