Whats your Kd gears 5 and what do you guys consider a good kd

Whats your guys kd be honest

It’s shared across all game modes so if you just play VS AI you’ll have a higher K/D then someone who just plays ranked in most cases


I hate how K/D works in this game. What happened to good ol’ basic stat systems?
also inb4 “this is a team game K/D doesn’t matter! support, lancer, downs etc…”

Anyways my K/D is buttcheeks

2.0 is good 2.4+ is where it starts to get impressive
I wish I could have a 2.4 but I just don’t know how those pros slay so hard, I’m casual.

I brought my kd up took for ever just wish I could see my kill to death so I know

The stats work and refresh? My KD has literally been the same since launch.

Need the war journal back next gears


TC got lazy. No detailed War Journal and no individual stats. A sort of little golden :fu: to the mass army of golden :fu:s facing the loyal fans.

Mine is 2 lol. I don’t really care what anyone’s KD is provided they can do some basic team support and move to next instead of letting the other team get a good footing on the next ring.

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That’s kind of a loose term question. Gears 5 ranked is not skillful. And too easy to GIB. Which inflates K/D tremendously for low skill players.

But in a high skill Gears of war ranked play, A realistically good K/D would be 1.0. In over 100 ranked games played that is.

I don’t take my K/D serious in this game like in 4 because of the “eliminations”

Gears 4 was when you were able to show it off


I had a 1.5 in ranked and almost a 1.7 in social back on 4. I thought I was decent at 4.

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legend has it you were a god in 4 and are dormant right now to unleash your inner beast in OP7 & 8

Onyx 3 isnt a bad rank, hence the Onyx Guard profile pic, but there is no golden gear in gears 5 so I cant change my pfp to reflect my rank :pensive:

if you go to diamond, you can use Recruit Clay because of his armor color

Maybe I will :wink:

you better carry me though

Ill call over the expert to carry us @TC_Clown


It is nice to have stats to see how you improve but some people treat it like a phallus extender.


You know, I’m something of a pro myself


what a GOAT.

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