What's your go to drink while playing video games?

Ok so we have had a favorite video games and a coffee thread so as the title asks…What is your go to drink while playing video games? Whether it’s for an hour or an all nighter…Friday and Saturday nights, I’ll drink a Monster Ultra Zero if it is a late night playing but other than that, water or coffee during the day

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Coors Light… it reduces my anger towards the game

Don’t know your tolerance to that can of water is lol but what if you have a few? Will your temper grow because of the game?

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Coffee for morning/early afternoon.
Club Soda with a splash of lemon mid-day.
Beer at night.


hahah I have to drink quite a few of those waters…if I want to lose my temper ill drink crown and coke.


Lol that’ll do it to you!

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(Why was I unable to post that on its own?)

The blood of my enemies in the morning! Though if that is not an option coffee or black tea is also lovely.

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I could not drink coffee while playing…it would just get cold.

Beer. And that’s proper beer, not wishy washy commercial American stuff heh.

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Sooooo what kind?

Depends… quite often something Brewdog (that’s a Scottish brewery). Most of theirs start at around 5% and go rapidly upwards, many I have are in the 6-8% range such as Jackhammer and Elvis Juice. Then they also do a version of the Tactical Nuclear Penguin…

After that, may be some form of real ale, IPA or stout, also usually sitting in the 5-8% range.

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Ever try Boneshaker or Fracture by Amsterdam Brewery? Le fin du Mon (if the spelling is correct) is also great! 7.1% 9.1% ipa for first two. Last is 10.9% I believe. Yum!!!

Juice. Most non-citrus flavors are acceptable, though I generally default to cherry.

My go to drink may be a bit to classy for you folks, water on the rocks.

I think there’s some sort of anti all caps system in place.

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Concentrated citrus fruit juice, sometimes diluted, water.
Rarely fizzy drinks.

I’d like to consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to this kinda thing. But really I just drink what I have around. Coke Zero is usually my go to carbonated drink. Sometimes I just drink water. In the evening I’ll drink hard root beer. It is a bunch of different stuff.


either diet coke/pepsi or a huge glass of water

Coffee in the morning, seltzer in the afternoon and vodka until I fall asleep