Whats your favorite game mode?

With ToD 2 coming up soon I was wondering what everyone’s favorite game mode is?
Personally I’d love wingman back, but are you happy with what we’ve got or want more?

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All I really need is:


And I would try FFA and BR.

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I’d be happy just to find games in the current playlists so I can complete me challenges :expressionless:


Arcade is my most played this game by a mile but KOTH is my fav mode.


Same. Never getting those Escalation wins

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Man, I’d be down with some Wingman.
But here in Australia with our pretend server, I’d be happy with a bit of KotH…
Gone are the days of Warzone raipping (hopefully that’s (intentionally) misspelt in order to circumvent the pg forum bot (Ghost?)).
They seriously need something/anything that somewhat resembles the glory days. I can only lie to my friends so much in regards to what used to be GoW.

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I always played warzone, thought it sucked when execution effectively took it’s place, the game just doesn’t feel like the sport it used to :expressionless:

Guardian has died for me since the rank reset.

No issues previously.

Still going :expressionless:

Got 7/10 wins here, 0everywhere else, was planning on hitting esc next but the gring to general feels pointless now, just don’t think I can make it in time, too many challenges I just cant get done :sob::sob:

Yea that’s how it seems for me too, got 7/10 over a weekend a few weeks ago but since reset only king seems populated

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@N0DEZER0 I think you should leave double stars up FOR EVERYONE for the remainder of T1 as a gesture of goodwill to those trying to play your game but can’t due to circumstances beyond our control, not having a clear time limit on the tour is a little unfair if you ask me :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

It’s 6:30pm here in the UK, ie PEAK play time, if I can’t find games now I’m never going to, nearly 40min cue time now


Sorry, gone off on a tangent, was not my intention to hijack your thread

And if possible an old skool 4v4??


Yeah man, we have all these folks cryin’ ‘bout their rank & sh*t (like it matters), 1 motherf**kin’ life, that’s where it’s at, no mario shrooms, just marcus tomatoes.

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King of the hill

Yeah. Same.

Only finding KOTH games.

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Exe, but all my gears mates have gone soft since 4 and only want to play KOTH.
Which is fun, but not as intense as exe.

Would play the ■■■■ out if 2v2 or wingman if they came back.

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A lot of people must be playing Escape, I was able to find matches within 15 secs+, in late hours (4 am+) eastern timezone.

Team DurrhurrMatch

Warzone and Wingman would be cool to have back.

Hard to say. I’ve always had a soft spot for Guardian as I used to play it almost exclusively in GOW2 which was my first foray into GOW multiplayer. But the playerbase for this is low so hard to find games.

GOW4 version of Escalation was really good as well.

I can’t say I like KOTH very much.

My fave is NPG aka Not Playing Gears