What's your experience in horde?

toxic? fine? a balance?

just wondering as i still host all my hordes after joining a dozen games over the life span of gears 5 and every lobby being toxic and kicking randomly over the smallest disagreement. I spent 1k energy on kaits 10% movement so I can get energy before it loses half value/kill more things during my ult? KICK’D. I’m lvling my gnasher perk to lvl 10 as I see we have our base fully setup and excess sentries are just a energy sink at this point? KICK.

being afraid of suggesting to move to taps to have a more engaging game and reap the benefits of energy + health to make the waves not dragged out? yeah that’s me. rather be the host and be free to say things without the fear of being kicked.

yeah i host my own now jesus.

It is probably better to host your own lobbies now, especially if you’re looking to play without duplicates with Op 5 coming. Bet you all the grinders will be spamming 5x Keegan’s, JD’s or the Marcus class now that they can.

Unless of course no one wants to play without duplicate classes any longer now, so you don’t find matches and can find another game to play because the decisions made by TC get more questionable every day. Or Operation.

oh yeah I cant imagine the lobbies incoming. “2x keegan 2x JD 1 del”.

Yeah… I’ll just be hosting my own. I dont care what you pick as long as you stay the whole time and stick together really.

It’s gonna be funny people trying out 4-5 jds and realizing they all cant use the same locker at once. 4-5 JDs would go online at like wave 20-30, if not a bit more, lol.

I find JD pretty boring, but I had to play him to finish up my last masters map this operation (As I do them all on masters). Boomshot actives are just broken as hell.

and yeah, we’ll see if the playerbase ruins and abuses the privledge of freedom, lol.

It’d be a lot better if me and my buddy didn’t have to carry all the low levels who join a master lobby and if the engineer would repair the taps

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Its a mixed experience, only once did I run in to a toxic host (who seemed to be a JD main, no surprise) but usually I run into dummies 70% of the time, this is all from playing on my own with randoms fyi. Now hosting my own games and having a friend or 2 pitch in, those games are very pleasant and run smoothly, only thing that irks me is the obvious skill/intelligence gap between some of the people who join/play this game, gets old really fast when you carry 3 other people.

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