What's your average horde sessions a day?

It mostly depends how I feel but I’d say maybe 3-4 Frenzy a day recently. I’ve just done Canals twice and I already don’t wanna do it again buuut…

Daily Challenge syndrome as usual. Really feels like people don’t play Horde for Horde anymore but the rewards dailies give. I Guess the mutators could be part of the reason :man_shrugging:


Because of the Player Base suck, but honestly to say it gets Bored after 1~2 Freezy

Its like this with most games these days. People dont play games to have fun anymore but only play them if they are slowly scratching away at a grind or some reward that they’re eventually going to get.


The Daily Simulator is what people call this. Tons of maps and lots of classes but I guess it just isn’t enough for the Gears 5 community.

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What’s clear to me now playing uk during the day is frenzy is so much less popular than 50s. Between 9am to 3pm uk time I barely see a match and if it is then it’s the daily. Just to clarify that’s on masters.

So I’m finding it hard these days to even get a game during my normal playing hours. I usually try to play the daily and then anything else but today and yesterday I ended up having to do the daily about 5+ times just to have a game to play.

I’d say I normally do 50 to 60 waves per day. But I’m only 23 levels from max re-up and then I’m done with the game. (Not because I don’t find it fun, it’s just harder than I’d like to get a game going and as I’m this close I may as well finish) So I’m expecting a run on the new maps and hopefully atrium and turbine to have me finish.

Only true single player games are still played for fun because there’s often no pointless grind for the sake of it in most of those games.


Usually one because my friend only runs the daily Horde once and the others only tend to play Escape in a 2 or 3 man “squad” otherwise. Used to be more when both the Locust and their nonsense, which only has ended up affecting the CQC classes in their playability and making them less fun, were not in yet, and the modifier sets were not constantly cycling through ones that just make them un-fun to play(unless you use an Infiltrator which I really no longer find particularly entertaining to use). Like today’s. And I’m not playing with a full random squad anymore for several Operations now.


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Now all my cards are maxed out I don’t do the Horde daily challenges. I still do Daily Escape.

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I’m able to play in the mornings from 8.30am til around 11.45am.Try and play advanced(1-50) due to time,If finished early,Go to horde frenzy.

I play the daily largely because of the modifiers. I don’t particularly care about the rewards anymore (I have level 20 on all classes and have no intention of maxing out the skill cards on them, I’ll get it in time). I play whatever class I feel like playing, lately that has been the Anchor, Pilot and Nomad.

Sometimes I will do the Escape daily, depends what hive it is. Like The Hunters today will probably be a pass, but I did solo The Malfunction earlier on just to pass the time a bit.

I used to do no less than 3 frenzies a day but I haven’t played at all since outriders came out

Typically for me i click the “horde” button and go “EW i dont wanna play that what is wrong with me” and then click versus and vomit in my mouth anyway.



Only come on for the stars, and some pvp if some friends are on.

Other than that i dont play much.

I play Horde with my group once a week and usually do 2-3 HF runs before switching to PVP.

If the daily looks fun and/or has CXP so I can finish my last classes, I hop on at least once in the day. Over the weekend I usually get one, maybe two 50 wave sessions.

I haven’t really tackled Horde or H Frenzy on Master but when I try to find a match there are no games going so I just do the daily at least twice. If TC adds a Master horde achievement with OP8 then hopefully you will be able to find Master lobbies again.

I had no issue finding teammates doing all Escape hives but I was hosting.

They enjoy the Game at first because it’s still Fresh to them, but later when they have done most of the Grind. It can be said that they Finished the Game, so they can Move to other Games.

Playing one Game too much will become Dull, so it becomes Hard to gain excitement. Players getting away from Gears 5, waiting for Too Long on the Bugs. The very Simple Expectation that the Company cannot able to Do it well, hence people don’t enjoy this Game very much.

There’re many Variables to players left Gears 5, but the responsibilities of this Problem is Mainly the Company itself.

I mean just let the Game pass away is more Comfortable than having Expectation to this Game.

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I know a dude who plays daily and is always inviting me to join, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind helping out with the daily stuff but I get pretty burnt out playing this game now. Usually its about 5 frenzies tops, maybe a few escape runs since that same person is so keen on wanting a challenge so he can boast about it later. :rofl: