What's wrong with ribbon "vigilant"?

I was playing versus with my friend and we won like 5 matches in a row. For each match we get about 2% up(i have onyx 3 60% and he have onyx 3 50%) except last one. I was 2nd in game, i had 14 kills and 9 deaths but my friend had mvp and vigilant, he had 20 kills and 0 deaths. And i get 2% again and he get 0,5%. Why?? I also had such situation earlier when i was playing alone. I get vigilant and my rank go up for only 0,5% against onyx players. Why is this happening? Isn’t vigilant the hardest ribbon to get in versus match?

I got the classy achievement, so nothing was wrong with it on my end.

I had a guardian match a few weeks back where it was a quick 3-0 win I got mvp highest k/d and I was like 7-0(yeah like I said quick win lol) and somehow still managed to rank down by like 5%…I gave up rank along time ago…just play for fun cuz im a die hard fan and I love it

Nothing is wrong with that ribbon, I think toughest versus ribbon is quick clips for most active reloads. TC does that cool down timing for weapons like they’re a heavy weapon or a turret. You still even have to cool down when you don’t shoot the weapons’ active reload. TC should make the Gnashers’ active reload shoot like it’s a sawed-off.

You guys have different background ranks which affect how much you go up on a win. There’s hidden information and that’s the reason he went up less than you.