What's wrong with Cliffy B?

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of… I don’t wanna say hate but animosity towards cliff Bleszinski and I wanna know what’s up. Everyone’s saying that his ideas would’ve ruined the series and I’ve been trying to find out what he said that sounded so idiotic to make the community he basically created not want him back but I can’t find anything. I’m confused because he IS one of the creators of gears so I don’t get how he can mess up that bad. Can someone educate me?

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He wanted Gears Versus to be like Arcade mode. He stated this on twitter a while back.


The shotgun and bounce meta that is Gears of War was never Cliffy’s vision, and he fought against it with many balance tweaks and weapon options etc., but the community took the game Epic made and played it how they felt it was best played

Dr. Frankenstein lost control of the monster. Rod removed the balls of the monster, and then we got Gears 5. But Rod’s gone now and there’s a new crew of mad scientists stitching on a brand new set of brass ones.

Cliff had his time and will always be a legend in the Gears world, but his vision is not what’s best for the lifeline, life span, and life’s blood of Gears.


didnt he also want it so enemys would only drop their guns if they where executed.


As a PVE player that think it looks silly as h when seeing clips of players bouncing around with shotguns in a cover based shooter… Yeah, bring him back and let him have a go at changing the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Only having weapons drop on executions sounds like a good challenge as well on perhaps harder difficulty levels.
Would give a reason to actually aim for executions other then the giddy fun of it!


I don’t think cliffy wanted the series to be as shotgun heavy as it has been. Every game since the first has either been built to counteract this or have weapons in it to deter players from playing a certain way. We are 5 games into the franchise and I honestly dont think it will change. Players are too attached to the shotgun rushing meta to go to a slower gears game.
That being said, with rod gone, I think TC are moving in the right direction with Op4 and 5.


Bruh that metaphor made me chuckle, thanks :+1:


Well I understand that but gears of war is more than just its multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong I love the multiplayer I’m a hardened Veteran but gears has a gripping story and an amazing PVE mode. Hell they basically popularized the horde mode game type. Not having cliff back is fine with me but he only offered to be a consultant on gears I don’t think he’d be able to change the whole meta just because he’s Cliffy B. I’m sure TC wouldn’t let that happen they seen to really resonate with the fans now. Well most of them, a lot of people seem to think they’re satan so

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I’m not opposed to his return, to just don’t think it’s in the cards. I don’t think he’s the best thing for the multiplayer, vs., etc., but as far as campaign and horde, well Cliff like most game devs have good ideas and bad ideas. I just think Cliff’s best ideas have already happened.

This was an original idea to force players to be executed for sake of humiliation/tactical reasons. But it was decided against for more obvious reasons. But we still have Execution as a game mode instead.

This. This should be on the main page of Gears 5’s website.


Even if MS/TC tag him on as a consultant, TC have no obligation to actually make his ideas a reality. And even so, how would you know it was him that did it?

We thank him for what he has done, but at this point I don’t think he is the right guy for the job. I could be wrong, but I guess we will never know.

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Cliffy b made gears of war bring him back he was just the scape goat when the servers where bad back in gears 2 everyone blamed him, Honestly he’s got good ideas he’s one of the main reasons gears was successful,
He made the chainsaw on the lancer which back then was a crazy idea it’s the identity of gears he also helped the story turn into a movie story line.
And online he did not try to make it Arcade if you look at his old interviews on gears judgement he said he never wanted gears to be arcade he always wanted traditional snub pistol and gnasher and lancer and smoke load out like the trilogy but epic games in the end didn’t listen to him and they changed judgement so he left and now gears is still a flop, bring him back for gears 6 he’s the only person who has expierence and knows gears in and out and will save this francise from dying.

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People never knew or realized that he was all about the lancer over the gnasher as well… the only difference is that he embraced the gnasher battles in later games to make the fans happy (gears 3 I’m lookin at you)., unlike what Rod F & Ryan C wanted for their fresh start that was gears 5 (I don’t say 4 cause they only copy/pasted the best version of the series, 3, and built off that with MTX… 5 is what they envisioned once they had control).

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People also don’t realize he was (gears 1) the reason the Xbox 360 released with double the ram it was supposed to release with. Gow1 wouldn’t work properly on the OG 360 design, so they doubled the ram. With that being said…

Cliffy B is also the reason Judgment happened. All the big changes were because of him.

There was a time he got a lot wrong in gears but the community was forgiving and he rolled with what the community wanted. He pushed for a lot of bad ideas as well, but surprisingly, Rod F was a buffer to his bad ideas. They used to clash & the games turned out better because of it (until Rod left & cliffy had full control of the bad ideas).

There’s proof that the game needed both of them to be good… gears 1,2, & 3. Once either of them had control without the other, we got bad or bland gears games (judgment, 4 & 5). Saying he’d fix gears is wrong IMO… his recent Twitter posts are proof (The ones where he said he’d do stuff differently). He had his time and he’s not the same person he was when he was younger. He’d do things differently now, and there’s no real way to say he’d be good for gears, so just accept that he’s not coming back and pray gears gets better with the way TC are doing things.


Educate your self man before you judge Cliffy b go to 2:30 and then you’ll see he’s not in control of online, loads of people like you are the reason this game is gonna die because coalition are gonna think oh let’s not bring back Cliffy b because people don’t like him even tho they just assume he’s bad when he has no control of anything bad it’s the other designers he’s refreshing and knows gears in and out we need him back to save gears.

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He would be a consultant only. He doesn’t want to come back full time to Gears. Besides, he is never coming back. If MS wanted him to work on it, then they would’ve hired him already.

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I think an advisor role would suit him perfectly, they still have time to hire they have to if they want to save this game

People tend to either forget or ignore how Cliff was honestly a bad influence to Gears over time. Sure, he was the main reason Gears actually originally happened, but like many have said, his vision of Gears was not aligned with that of the community’s. Same with Rod. He was definitely needed with the transferring of Gears to a new team as he knew Gears 1 inside and out so he was a great help with the development of UE. Likewise, he was there to help in making it a smoother transition to creating new Gears games from the ground up as TC smartly played it safe first with Gears 4. If Gears 4 was like 5, the community would’ve pretty surely abandoned them right there and then. Gears 5 then showed that TC needed new leadership that would not be sort of anchored down by old ideas of what Gears should be like. After both Rod and Ryan left, things have been moving forward and tbh TC has ever since been reacting relatively quickly to feedback.
I’m not trying to bash on either Rod or Ryan here. Or Cliff for that matter. I appreciate the essential work all of them have done on Gears. Gears wouldn’t exist without either Rod or Cliff. Then without Rod’s return to Gears TC would’ve probably been pretty lost from the get-go and without Ryan, Gears 4 versus (especially comp) wouldn’t have been as good as it was. I can only respect them for all of that.
But, as I said, TC was in need of new leadership. And right now, despite the current issues with the game, I’m feeling hopeful and pretty much confident about Gears 5 because imo TC’s heads are in the right place (that’s a figure of speech, right? I’m not sure because English isn’t my native language lol). 2 things are right now mostly bothering me. Namely the ranked system and getting constantly matched with 5-stacks. Ranked is in pre-season though so TC are obviously gonna do some changes based on feedback and data. The 5-stack issue I hope is somehow solved so that solo players and small parties won’t constantly be matched with 5-stacks.