What's with the unplaced players?

so i only play dodgeball. lately my friends and i have been playing against entire teams of unplaced players as well as 1 or 2 unplaced players on our team as well. i find it hard to believe this long into the season there are that many of them.

There is a xbox game sale going on right now and Gears 4 is 50% off.as such first time gears players buying the game now and hence why there is influx of unranked players.

i haven’t done any placements. quit sometime in season 3 and just haven’t made it back yet

Plus 3 months of Game Pass for $9.99 so it’s a steal for those wanting to try games offered in the catalog.

I can’t find dodgeball at all! May I ask which region you are in??

I’m personally only placed in TDM; KOTH; and Escalation. I don’t play the other modes, and I’ve been playing GOW4 since release. Okay granted I’m mainly a Horde player, but still occasionally play PVP. Some game modes are hard to find players in, especially so late on in the game life.

I’ve only done placements for tdm koth & execution

Ranked I feel like brings out the absolute worst in people or just people with extremely good sportsmanship, no in between.

I have also a rank yet only in TDM, ESC and KOTH. I can not find a Dodgeball game or Guardian one. I don’t even mind playing them I don’t like these gamemodes

Currently I only have a rank in KOTH and Execution/Escalation (only because the 25 ranked wins achievement required playing those modes).

I haven’t really played any of the other modes since launch week in 2016 unless it was against bots.

i’m in Minnesota

Yeah it’s not just overflux of the new players or someone playing on another account. I mean, I don’t even have a rank in Guardian or Dodgeball since I only play TDM and KOTH anyway. Not sure if it affects anything since the game would know your TrueSkill ranking from the other game modes.