What's with the stickies on the new forum?

Stickied topics are supposed to stay at the top of the post list. These stickies don’t. So what’s the point of them?

For the ‘Latest’ filter it does remain at top, regardless of replies.

However, for ‘Top’ filter, this seems out of wack since it doesnt really appear to give priority to keep pinned topics at the top of the forum. This is probably a design decision in the forum platform or something but I definitely like to see pinned topics actually stay at top regardless of filter.

Sticky topics can be sticky globally (latest & top) or per Category. Global stickies are at the top no matter what page you’re on, but Category stickies are only at the top of their specific categories.

Not for me. Latest is the only filter I use and the only sticky that I see stay at the top is the Introduction to the Official Gears Forums topic.

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Same here. Latest is bookmarked for me and the stickies are all over the place.