What's with the graphics

Is it me or does Gears 5 look a bit fuzzy/blurry on the Xbox One S? I’ve got it hooked up to a 4K TV and I know the S doesn’t run games in 4K but Ithe game looks like it’s running at 720p lol

It can downscale to 720p when it needs to - this is probably what you’re seeing.

It’s always best to run native so 720/1080 isn’t always the best on 4K screens.

Thanks for the heads up dude

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No problem,

Even the One X will drop down FYI - just due to Gears 5 pushing the limits tbh!

The graphics are great it’s the servers that need fixing.

The One S is a great console and games look good as long as it dosen’t get hot that’s when the graphics start to look it’s worse , It is a built in feature to keep the consoles from causing damage to CPU. On th One X games are way better in every way I up graded and have been happy and you can tell a difference even on a 1080p tv .