What's with the gnasher?

Getting gibbed behind players. Is it lag or the hitboxes are off?..also the gnasher has issues.

I’ve also noticed I shoot way off from where my cross hairs are. I’ve always just assumed its the new learning curve to find that sweet hitbox spot

Sadly the Gnasher always had issues this is nothing new

I’ve noticed some inconsistency that wasn’t there in the tech test, which I’m guessing has a lot to do with constantly getting matched against opponents with 100+ ping. I’m getting much worse matches connection-wise compared to either GOW 4 or tech test for whatever reason. Gnasher is going to be weird however it’s tuned as long as that’s the case.

Quick aim doesn’t work…it feels wierd…got to do alot of blind firing …which I dont mind …guess got to get used to it

Something is definitely off with the shotty. I think its a combination of the aim assist (really silly) and bad hit detection.

During the tech test everything was fine though, so they must have changed it after that.

The sticky aim becomes off when its more than one player close to you…
The aim is sticking on any of the two opposite player. whilst the two other players sticky aim is focusing on you.

Not likeing this game so far… it needs work.