What's with the deranking BS?

So I get in today from work thinking how I can progress my rank and slaughtering some noobs; things are going fine and I’m mvping the ■■■■ out of games until I realise I’m deranking ? Like what sort of sick joke is this. I’ve just played vasgar 2 games on the bounce MVP’ing both. First game I accumulated 189 points and got demoted from onyx3 to onyx2. So I thought that might just be a shock error and I let it go. So then I play vasgar again and MVP again; gaining much more points, something like 280, and it puts me down to onyx 1 - 98%

Is this a joke ? Am I a joke to you ?
I darent play ranked tdm anymore, anyone know why ?

Read the news… Rank correction

that’s old news from a “re-calibration” on the 3rd. this is something new. forums are flooded with posts about this.