Whats with the australian voice

Australian… tsk! :pensive:

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I think JD is voiced by Ausralian dude,im amazed how British Fahz sounds considering it says on his background info his lineage is from UIR!

I thought the biography for Fahz says that he is from a region which was occupied by the UIR, so his actual lineage is not a UIR nation per se. If it wasn’t occupied for a particularly long period then the culture, language and accents wouldn’t have been affected very much.

I had a quick check. Fahz is from Vasgar which was neutral territory but was occupied by the UIR for 17 years during the Pendulum Wars.

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Hahaha,that one is for my funny stories thread!
Watching a bit of your youtube channel i must say you sound a bit Australian😜

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When I listen to myself back, it sounds nothing like me in person :eyes: - I’ll try and record with a proper mic next time :sweat_smile: