Whats with the australian voice

In the game make it more gritty like marcus


Which character sounds like a right Aussie ripper?

Edit: If you mean Fahz, He is British.

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Play the tech and you will hear him i think its the anouncer

He is also British.

Anyway, so you want a more gritty announcer for the swarm?

Yeah the british one is he even a character

Yes, but may involve spoilers, so if you want answers HERE:

Yeah, but technically an AI so he can sound like whatever theoretically. And isn’t Fahz supposed to be like New Zealand ish or something, not British, that’s why he has that asian-like skin color. Or not Asian, but Eastern-Islander. You know what I mean.

He definitely doesn’t sound like a New Zealander.

(As an Aussie I guess its easier for me to tell the difference)

This thread. :grin:

Why can’t we just have a Crocodile Dundee skin?? I know Paul Hogan is still alive. Come on already!


That’s not a skin THIS is a skin :wink:


Ok i see hes like a mad scientist or something im a leave it alone

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I think he’s the sera version of someone with middle eastern ancestry.

Bout time there was an English character anyway,there’s enough English people playing the game

How can you not tell the difference between British and Aussie?!? They sound completely different.

And he can’t be British because he has darker skin?! SMH.


He’s obviously English, you can tell by the choice of words as well. It’s not difficult.

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I got asked where in Australia I was from yesterday :eyes:

:australia: :uk:

I’ve never really been confused between UK/AUS/NZ - I think they are easy to tell apart just like Irish/Scottish/Welsh!



I’m surprised that more people don’t know about Niles from Gears 2… the voice is impossible to miss.


My wife recognised him from the second round. Didn’t know his name but knew him as “the guy who made the things”.

You’re from the Netherlands. What do you know about Aussie accents?

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I guess you Martians can’t tell plutionians from uranus.

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