Whats with core tuning?

Does anyone know if the coalition changed the tuning? It feels awkward and clunky… And I have noticed it takes an enternity to heal. I have also noticed a lot of bull crap that I usually experience in comp tuning which is point blacking someone and getting awkward numbers like 11, 36, 53 ect… Most importantly it feels like comp tuning :/… If the coalition is going to transition this game to comp tuning when all gears game have been core… I’m honestly done with the game… I’ve been playing since gow2 but definitely hanging up my cog tags and retiring if this s the move… I’m sure a lot of fans will leave if this is the case… Do you remember judgement? That entire game was basically comp tuning with weak weapons and look how that turned out?? It’s whatever… Sad if tthey are forcing this crap

They havent messed with the tuning i dont think just got to watch theres alot of spongy players

They updated the movement to the more fluid 2.8. Damage is the same but healing is reduced when wall canceling (bouncing).

This was a massive step backwards for core IMO.


For me, it made core playable again. Lag plus stiff movement was killing my fun. Now, I can at least evade smoothly so the lag doesn’t cripple me.

It’s personal preference but I much preferred the older movement and the way Health Regen worked.

Stopping regen when bouncing is a bad idea as if you are evading shots, your health should regen as normal.


Stopping regen while wallbouncing is a crime. One of the worst. All aspects of the mess that is Competitive should stay well :notes: CLEEEEAR :notes: of Core. It’s disgusting.

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In my opinion the movement feels terrible. I thought it was just me being being a terrible player… but if the tuning is changed that explains a lot why I have been feeling awkward when bouncing and straffing… Oh and being downed more quickly due to the heal regeneration crap.

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Only Gears 3 had core tuning. Gears 1, Gears 2 at launch, Gears UE, and even Gears Judgment all had competitive tuning. Gears 2 changed to a core tuning with TU6 when they completely changed the way the Gnasher worked (what I refer to as the Gears 3 alpha).

If you don’t believe me, take your disc copy of Gears 2 and put it into an Xbox 360 that isn’t connected to the internet. Make sure you delete any updates from the hard drive. You will see the weapons resemble competitive tuning, except with the added stopping power.

People need to go back and actually play the old games before they make comments like this. Just proves that your memory is unreliable, as science has proven.

There was a video floating around when Gears 4 first came out and one that Ryan (NodeZero) approved of that was extremely misleading. It showed that the Gnasher can 2 shot from the same distance in all games. Which is true at 1 roll length as shown in the video. But take literally 3 or 4 steps back in Gears 1 and the Gnasher damage drops off SIGNIFICANLY faster than Gears 3/Gears 4 core. All Gnasher’s, including Gears 4 comp, can down you in 2 hits from 8 paces. But that is the max rang for competitive tuned Gnasher, where core tuned Gnasher can continue to 2 shot for another 8 paces or so. Then the range where core Gnasher starts to 3 shot, competitive Gnasher damage drops to almost nothing such that you can’t even down with a full clip.

No kid… Just stop.

LOL whole month to respond and this is what you come up with?