What's Ups Are Still On Mondays Right?


Pretty sure it’s a joke

The age of laughing is over.
The time of the What’s up has come.


I heard the Double What’s Up weekend is only for people that have purchased Boost.

We have no comment on that for the time being.
The final details of the Double What’s up weekend will be unlockable for scrap or iron.
We thank you for your patience.
Kind Regards,
Advanced community forum investigator TC - Ik haat smurfen

I presume TC work on a different calendar to what we are.

Mondays come along and I don’t see anything to consult in the What’s Up.

I might convert my calendar so that What’s Up is always on a Monday, regardless of what day it actually drops.


It leaked early and this is all they had

That moment when someone has such a… non existing life that they make something like that… lol

It’s also been on a lot of Tuesdays I’ve noticed. We should be getting one sometime today. I think they accidentally contradicted themselves (surprise) because I remember reading something from TC that posted the What’s Up with more details on the upcoming horde event would be Tuesday but I think the devs said Monday during their live stream.

Perhaps the new dev stream replaced it and they forgot to inform us

Called being bored at work. Admit it you laughed

Most certainly did