Whats up with the "White steel"?

In the Tech test trailer, we see at the start what can only be described as white steel Oscar. It’s not as bumpy as black steel but it is certainly not normal. It almost looks like jewels .

Other things I saw:
New swarm pistol
Onyx guard
Hammer of dawn (most likely they new arcade mode)
Blizzard map, akin to avalance but not avalanche.
V day Hoffman.

Eh? I didn’t see this. Is this the short 12-ish second long trailer they were showing during the weekend in the intervals? I caught a glimpse of what I am confident is an Onyx Guard, but no White Steel Oscar. I didn’t even spot Oscar in it to be honest.


This is the trailer I’m talking about:

On the 10 second mark, as the camera swings behind the main character, you can see a character laying dead on the floor in the bottom left corner - it looks very much like an Onyx Guard.

No Oscar anywhere though.

Right at the start with the cog “loading in” Oscar is to the right of kait,you can see his face for a split second but his armour for a decent amount of time

I see the armour, which has the same grooves and angles on it as the Black Steel ones, but obviously in white/silver.

The face is obscured though. There’s a split second where you can see the neck of the person through Kait’s arm and if it was Oscar, I reckon his beard would be there and visible (unless he cut/shaved it off). I’d say it’s a different character. Maybe Fahz.

The armour, from what little I can see, doesn’t look as cool as the Black Steel ones.

I will try to get you a picture of the face, but I am on a broken tablet so I may fail. I am positive it is Oscar with Cog chest armour.

This is the clearest one I could get. The face looks too obscure.

Is there something wrong with the color white?


Yes, in my laptop i got a little further. You can see Oscar s unique tp half of his face

But here, if you look under Kait’s arm, you can make out their neck and the bottom of their chin. I’d have thought that Oscar’s beard would be visible. Unless he shaved it off of course.

Because we are seeing the grenade launched. But nevertheless, we know Oscar is in at launch so it doesn’t matter. This is our possible first glimpse of a new esport variant. Check out the pistol i like it already

I think for me personally, several COG characters’ armour is silver in colour, and fewer of them have black armour, so the Black Steel ones just looked more different and stood out more overall in my opinion. Silver Steel will for several characters, just look like a cleaner version.

Where is this “new swarm pistol” you speak of?

So does this mean Onyx Guard will be available at launch?

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That’s Fahz. You can clearly see the sunglasses + that’s the type of armor Fahz wears, though yes it does look like a white steel variant.

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Good spot,

If it is White Steel,

It looks a little underwhelming.

I’d want it really White and it’s more dirty white.

It’s not White Steel Oscar, is White Steel Fahz.

Gyes, in the new trailer we can now see clearly.

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