What's up with the new update?

My GoW 4 got a 699MB update but i can’t see why because it’s all normal, anyone know why?
Sorry for my bad English dudes

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Not sure. I didn’t get an update and i just started playing 5 minutes ago.

669 MB only for that hahaha thank you bro good vibes

Would take like 14 seconds to download so it’s all good :+1:

It’s a lot, but I’m assuming they added graphics and animations to support his gibbed state. And that is the what takes up so much storage in the game.

I was assuming the reason he never gibbed in the first place was because they didn’t include some assets for the character.

Bro my update stuck at 27% what can i do ?

LOL, that should not take up that much. I assume it’s because whatever they added was done in a way that a huge chunk of stuff has to be replaced, so unless there’s more to the update, it almost definitely won’t actually be 669MB added to the game. It’ll probably copy over and replace some other chunk of data and just be a few MB more than it was before.

I just checked for updates on the Windows Store, the update for me on PC is 245MB.

Yeah idk anything about game dev or their implementation lol so I can’t really comment on how much space it actually takes up

My xbox is still downloading ! im already at 1.4 GB downloaded …

Update says 700 MB though … whats the actual size of a gilded marcus ??