What's up with the headshot hitboxes in Horde

Specifically on the Deebees.

Ever since Operation 6 dropped you shoot a Deebee in the head in Horde and half the time it wont register.

It just counts as a body shot and it’s making the Marksman class a nightmare to play.

I’ve seen a few posts here and there bringing this issue up, although i thought there’d be more honestly.

I’m not aware of any acknowledgement that this issue is an issue by TC at all and it’s a pretty big damn issue.

Can this problem be looked into TC.


I played couple of master horde as a marksman and I didn’t get any problem, even with a game with +100ping

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Do you have any video of it ?

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Not right now, i rarely play Gears 5 at this point and didn’t think i’d bother bringing this up until right now.

The next time i play Horde and this happens i’ll get a video of it.

It’s only since Operation 6 dropped i’ve noticed an inconsistency with headshotting specifically the Deebees.

Not had a problem before or currently with any of the other enemies.


I am really starting to feel like I am missing out now lol.

This hasn’t happened once since OP 6 dropped. Not saying it doesn’t happen just saying it hasn’t happened to me yet.

For what it’s worth…

I admittedly am not a great sniper. Only time I really use the class is for dailies that require headshots.

That said, before Op6 I was “decent”… could get my dailies easily. But since Op6 I too notice that what used to be easy is now “off”. Many of what used to be headshot kills now only register as hits/downs.

As I don’t enjoy the class this doesn’t bother me but something certainly changed.

There’s video examples in my thread about it Congratulations TC you ruined the Snipers

Yes I see now, I even play couple as a nomad and I didn’t get any problem aswell, probably lucky, or if it happen I was like « i miss it ».

Weird, anyway, send a ticket, and hopefully it will be fix with the next update

DBs were always ■■■■■ with their stupid movement and weird position in cover. I played Fahz yesterday and didn’t notice anything when shooting DBs though.

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Same here.

Did one game on Malfunction with @SNAKEYWAKEY389 and @GhostofDelta2 playing as Marksman and hit everything spot on with no problems. :man_shrugging:t2:

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It seems random and inconsistent(like a lot of things in this game…). Sometimes my headshots on DBs will hit perfectly fine, other times they’re going lord knows where and not giving me headshots.

Absolutely. Last time that this hive was on I couldn’t hit :poop: