Whats up with the custom games?

I am TRYING to enjoy this game by playing horde and escape but when i look up custom games i can never join anyone. It keeps telling me my squad size is too large for me to join. I play by myself, i dont have a squad you dumb game.

And when im finally able to join it says there are duplicates on your team and then either i get kicked or the other person quits because he or she doesnt want to play as someone else.

Good design!


They should set the refresh time to 1 sec instead of 30 minutes for those custom lobbies.

Guess servers can’t handle a faster refresh time…

Aren’t we all?

I keep saying this, it’s gotten worse since the update. I have partly given up… It can take over an hour to get into a game now and then you’re at the mercy of the team/host that you got lucky enough to join. Horde already takes a large chunk of time to play so an hour or two to get into a decent match and 2 hours to play said match… It’s just not worth the time of day.

It’s beyond me as to why this hasn’t been fixed or addressed at all since launch.

Wtf are you talking about 30 minutes… I’ve turned my xbox off after playing gears,finish my night with gems of war (not a mistake there), then load up gems 8 or 9 hours later, switch to gears, and STILL see the same lobbies that were fked before.

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