What's up with the 2 man que. These Dev's have lost their minds. You have ruined this game we have loved for 10 years ...!

So I am unbelievably disappointed with the decisions behind my favorite franchise. As if the game couldn’t get worse than the added unnecessary bull crap you’ve added instead of spending time on mechanics, maps , and visuals which the game initially lacked and partially still does. Instead You take the staple game mode in the franchises 10 year history and reduce it to a 4 man team with a 2 man que WTF is that? People we are in the apex of social gaming and bonding we need our friends. Me and my guys have been top players since this games inception and feel that you completely ruined it for us. Please fix our beloved game.#justsayin



10 year top player?

we just couldn’t take KOTH anymore on friday night. we went back to Gears 4, queued for Ranked TDM with our 5 man and proceeded to have a fun time with decent matchmaking times. this will probably be the place we play from now on if TC doesn’t change it’s stance on Ranked modes in Gears 5.

congrats TC, you succeeded in pushing away 10+ year Gears of War fans who have never reverted to a previous game.


Lol arnt u a bit late with this kind of post?
Its been a few months now since this bs went down.

Oh and i 100% agree


Yeah just took time to digest there plunder…lol…But didn’t they were actually committed to ruining the game But I guess they are…IDK


This is old news and I don’t remember you being close to a top player can’t get carried anymore.


Plunder isnt the word.


I’m to the point where as long as I can play some gears I don’t care.

Not like my friends are coming back to play this game any time soon.

A lot of people I know thinks it’s super lame.

I wish they made more skins for the weapons though.

Last tour skins where so awesome & this tour was kinda disappointing.

I guess I’m a sucker for any 3D skins.

Besides the point. 2 que is not cool. But who needs a healthy environment when you have MS backing you…

I’m pessimistic about this topic.


You have never made a top rank in anything and are a troll. All we did is carry you.lol.Why you got blocked…lol.Shirts don’t cost much should we start a gofundme…???


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