Whats up with Gears 4 blank menus?

Gears 4 versus screens are all blank.

Click on Coop vs AI, comp, core, etc - all go to a blank selection screen. Is there a quick fix for this? I have already re-installed and I don’t intend on downloading 133gig AGAIN for no reason.

Campaign works fine, seemingly


As they poorly developed Gears 5 causing we’re unable to see or customize character and weapons skins on campaign or LAN Versus, Isn’t strange Gears of War 4 has issues and the worst is they won’t care on fix It anymore. It isn’t in their priorities.

Gears 4 had issues before Gears 5 was a twinkle in Ryrod’s eye.

I’m sure it’s an Nvidia problem.

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I already knew 'cause I suffered the BSOD and other related issues on Gears of War 4 before. I’m not new on this. I meant if they didn’t fix issues from its current game, much less they are gonna fix a older game that doesn’t have support anymore.
What do you mean with is an Nvidia problem? your problem you posted or the offline customization issue I posted above? if is the second, it’s nothing related with drivers, is a game issue 'cause it happened since Operation 4 or 5 I don’t remember. .

The problem is that there are no selections in the menus for Versus on Gears 4. When I click on Match Making and the choose Core, COOP AI, Competitive, it takes me to that screen but with nothing on it,

The NVIDIA thing was a joke… because TC likes to pawn off issues with the game on NVIDIA.

I have no idea what Gears 5 customization options has to do with any of this…

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TC dropping lowkey hints about what games you should and should not play


Check that Teredo is able to qualify.
CMD in admin mode: netsh int teredo show state

If it says disabled then that’s probably the issue.

If it is enabled and qualifying then it should look similar to:


You can try this is the game settings first by checking xbox networking status - if Teredo is unable to qualify then there is a FIX IT button you can try to use. You may have to restart afterward to see any change.

It now works for me: