What's Up - September 27th 2018 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears of War 4!

  • The Gears Esports San Diego Open begins tomorrow!
  • Ranked Season 5 begins on Monday with new rewards
  • 4XP Core and Competitive Escalation run throughout this weekend

Find out full details in the full What’s Up post: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-sept27-2018

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Why is Arms Race returning? Why not include a more deserving mode like CTL from Gears 3

Oh yay season 5 which means more and more complaining threads about rankings and quitting penalties


what, pack is being released.

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You forgot to make any mention of the new achievements for the September update… yet again.

Give us something to work with. You guys at least working on it?

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There’s the info.

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The new diamond skin looks awful!


Once again another What’s Up with absolutely nothing for 5 weeks in a row and that diamond skin is the worst character skin in Gears 4 by far.


Is the new 2v2 playlist really going to be ranked for season 5 or did I read that wrong? And you guys are bringing Arms Race back into Ranked Core? Guess my suggestion paid off except for what I really wanted… Golden Gun to be brought back and in Ranked Core. :roll_eyes:

You guys are killing me over here.

Not wishing to be overly critical but is there any point to these “what’s up” now. We certainly don’t need them weekly. I have not been excited by one for ages, they have very little to get one “up”
As for Diamond cog, looks awful. I will never get as I do not have the skill, but even if I were good enough I would not play as that character. We not give those guys and Gals a choice of maybe 3 characters, do a poll and then make the winner the prize for their skill.


Arms race, who even plays that lol

That new character looks like she has monkeypox

…would love a chance at this.ty

I would love to have one season at least of other game modes put into the competitive tuning playlist.

Every weapon is a damn power weapon in Core.

Would love to play some ranked TDM or KoTH with comp tuning

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I’ve wondered the same lol. Back when the game was new and hot, we couldn’t get any info. Now that the game has cooled dramatically, info flows and few care. I look at it this way…at least we can hope Gears 5 maintains this weekly conversation with fans.

I was really hoping to hear which five weapon skins are coming for S5. Also, you’re adding two modes to ranked but making the Diamond character easier by only requiring 3 Diamonds to claim it? Can you explain the reason behind this decision ?

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Has everyone forgot about Gnasher only KOTH? I’d like to see it somehow soon. Hopefully that we would find matches in Arms Race. other than tdm and koth, the rest are barely alive in EU.

I bump this right here

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