What's Up - October 29th

I’ll be trying to do horde matches on Gears POP! Because of servers’ shutdown, so I’ll miss this MPXP event… Great :neutral_face:

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Good news if so as currently re upping means nothing does it, need some actual rewards and stuff, real special character skins etc etc

Grind is fairly poor in this game to me, need more of the weapon challenges like the above and beyond one, but make them far harder as you could get those smoke skins in 5 minutes :rofl:

Are you sure ? Last time they said MP only it would only count for Versus. No 4xp on horde or escape.

“Where we’ll tell you to tune in on the 16th for a crumb of OP 5 info”


Find me the quote. They could’ve said “Versus” along with it.

I would not be surprised if TC pulls the same thing with Re-ups that they did to the Allies system.

Rather then reduce the overall XP needed, they’ll just add more Re-ups to spread the same amount of XP across.

Individual Re-up levels would become shorter, but the overall grind to get max Re-up would stay the same.

Haven’t even given me my 5K for the escape medal group.

I’m so glad they’re going to give out the PVP medals cause I probably won’t even get the coins for that.

Well TC will either reduce amount of overall XP required to get to reup 50, or they’ll just give out more XP to begin with, I say the latter. No XP system should take longer than one thousand hours to get to max rank, PvP experience in particular is trash considering what you have to put up with.

Progression systems are tricky because on one hand if you make it so players get to max rank in almost no time it just makes it all feel sorta anticlimactic, if you make it too long it gets to the point where players feel unrewarded for their time. Gears 5 just needs to do a better job at rewarding players for their time is all.

The max ally XP did not stay the same lol. They made max over 2X the old max XP. I was only lvl 7 allies with my lvl 5 allies from before

Multiplayer is multiple players usually online, by definition even coop online MULTIPLAYER game modes count. Just go by actual definition or multiplayer and not the brain dead 2020 gamer PVP minded only type of guy :rofl:

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Team ice :wink:

Yeah that’s it lol gears 4 re ups were way more rewarding

I disagree, gears 4 reups gave you more spins at an rng machine that was more pay 2 win then anything else at that time :face_vomiting:

In general gears 4 was kind of :face_vomiting: beyond the multiplayer PVP aspect, mindless horde in which people ONLY played war machine and 900000 sentries. And more characters then someone could ever want to use as people used the same 4 anyways :rofl::rofl:

To be completely fair, there was a fair few people doing non-speedrun matches and not using Sentries or restricting them to a strict minimum necessary. I was one of them. Oversimplifying a bit.

But yeah, Sentry spammers in Gears 4 were a real nuisance. Worst of all they’d even get away with it.


did a Gears 4 speedrun a few days ago :yawning_face:

Its literally closer to an idle clicker than a game.

I dunno man I got some unbelievable rewards out the packs from time to time, black steel characters etc etc

I just feel the whole re up system is completely unrewarding, heard on a stream from dana it’s probs being changed though

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Depends on which one you join. Some at least require a little bit of activity from people planting grenades and/or heavies firing Salvos and other explosives into the spawns.

But yeah, generally they are fairly repetitive and not particularly engaging. Only ever did them if friends invited me or while I was still bothered enough to do them for Wings until I moved back to just playing normally all the time.

The rewards and icons are garbage tier. I recently noticed the Reup icons and the number are not even a high res texture for christ’s sake. Meanwhile the XP bar next to them is.

Yeah even if we just got some decent looking emblems I could probably forget about the lack of rewards :rofl::rofl:

Ok what is the 6.66 Xp thing, I guess I’m too new.
And what does MP only mean…what exactly is not MP ?

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