What's Up - October 25th 2018 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears of War 4!

  • Our biggest XP event EVER begins this Friday!
  • Collect Zombie and Day of the Dead characters in the new Lost Souls Gear Pack
  • Monster Mash is getting the Horde Mania treatment
  • Check out the full list of achievements coming in our next Update

Find out full details in the full What’s Up post: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-oct25-2018

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Lame achievements and they picked some of the least creative ones!


4 secret achievements that people will have to figure out from clues? These sound like they will be just like the easter eggs that were in the game.

And they are pretty bland and not at all that creative. Out of all the suggestions, it’s seems that took the least creative.


Yeah I agree. Terrible ideas. I’ll get ONE of them and that’s the Wings 1 achievement (unless the say hi to mom one is retro)…I think Gears 4 is officially dead to me. The 6.66 XP but it would’ve been better if they made it 66.6 xp.


Not happy with all the Versus achievements forcing me to play on a server which caters to the Latin American crowd with atrocious ping advantage over me, but won’t be playing the game afterwards for the most part anyway. Just glad to FINALLY get this game overwith and shelve it…


I still enjoy playing the game with friends and will probably play the game up to gears 5. I wish they would have given me an achievement to grind for the next year.

Does “Public Versus” refer to Social Quickplay, Competitive Warmup and Ranked?
I think the Classic Delta Horde and both 2 vs 2 Achievements need to be done ASAP or they might become harder to obtain over time.

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Again TC disappoints. 6.66 xp, I think they misplaced the decimal. I thought they were gonna at least go with 10xp. As for the achievements like everyone has said there were so many better ones to choose from.


I don’t see too many people leaving RDR2 for 6.66xp. I know I wont be playing gears for a while


OOOOOhhhhh once RDR 2 goes live tonight, I will be asking Gears of what?

Too much Versus achievements, as expected.

That Swarmak achievement. :man_facepalming:


I’ll be glad to have the new season challenge and the new achievements come and be done until gears 5…the game is reaching the end of its artificially extended lifespan (finally) and letting the series rest until late 2019 is preferable to me than force feeding new content in a dying game that none of my friends want to go back to play.

Put the new ideas, skins, and heartfilled team efforts in the new title. Stick a torque bow arrow sized pin in this game.

Just one achievement for Horde plus you have little to no control over it… great.

Come In, Control

I’m assuming since you finally managed to update the map rotation for Escalation you can do the same for Horde? I lost count of how many times I saw Mercy, Security and Hotel for Horde Frenzy and for Monster Mash its the Slab, Diner and Fallout over and over. Sure you get other maps once in a while but it feels stupid getting so many “duplicates” with 34 maps in the pool.


Slipspace Rupture Detected.

it’s been 2 years. we should already have at least 2xp as a permanent modifier.

Gears 2 had 20x exp two years after launch.


No 2v2 achievements please…as mentioned many times already that those in Asia server region CANNOT even FIND A SINGLE MATCH on those gametypes in Competitive playlist. Why still do this kinda cheevo!?


I never understood the character specific achievements for any of the gears of war games because it’s impossible for about 90 percent of the community except for the people who plan it. Same with the private horde achievements that I’ll never get.

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Got a question about Deadly Resourceful (25G) - In Act 4 Chapter 4, kill a Swarmak using a different weapon to pop each Blister on Insane or above.

Act 4, Chapter 4, AKA “Powerless” does not have any Swarmaks that I recall. In Powerless, you work your way through the old Dam and fight a Snatcher, but not a Swarmak. Is this a typo, as Act 4, Chapter 5, AKA “Storm Warning” ends with a Swarmak fight where you shoot exposed electrical coils to get blisters to form on the Swarmak