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Thanks for blessing my soul, that was nice of you.

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You guys changed most of the daily’s and reward systems because you were forcing players to play other modes they didn’t wanna play for locked content yet went and made the medal list more Versus oriented.

Idrc because I can just do Co-op v Ai for it if I wanted to grind for those sub-par skins but what the hell were you thinking. Why didn’t you just make it a medal list of weapons or modes lmao this thing should have 1-2 medals dedicated to Versus not 4 out of 6 of them. It’s like you’re working backwards now.

Imagine if the PVE Versus didn’t exist, you’d be asking players to win 50 matches each rn lmao tf thank god for bots.

The daily’s had me playing escape & horde lol…

& I never ever do that…

But now I do every once in a while…

Not anymore since I unlocked the tour but mid grind I would

I don’t care if an Xbox is better than some PC, I don’t want to be forced to play with PC players and i don’t feel like cheating.You can fool each other, but leave us alone

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this is a good case for removing the PC icon (and force cross-play)

nothing will change the minds of players who have convinced themselves every single player on PC is cheating and it somehow taints the pool of players or their enjoyment of a game.

sorry to break it to you but this is the direction the industry is moving.

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It is the way it is because of Microsoft, fat chance TC will do anything different.

If Gears 5 had been optimized for XB1 and certain elements of the game like Lancer play weren’t so dominant PC players wouldn’t get so much flak.

Sony nor Nintendo seem to care very much about cross platform play, obviously third parties studios (in particular the massive free to play ones) do but that’s more of a case by case basis it seems then not. Microsoft (which is what you’re referring to it seems) does have an inclusive approach to gaming, however I suspect that once you consider things like mobile gaming and Xcloud crossplay just seems necessary, if only just for things like loading times or matchmaking.

Going back to my point TC made an awful Versus experience, piss poor rewards/incentives, ranking system that arguably has done far more harm than good for the game, boring gameplay, lackluster maps, etc.
If you seriously think that crossplay being forced would save the dumpster fire that is Gears versus you are mistaken, I’ve given up on it and I suspect many others have as well.

Edit: forcing crossplay would just give Xbox users more reason to hate the game, people have been complaining about “crosslords” since the Gears 3 era and once you’re playing against someone with a Keyboard+Mouse that only exaggerates the issue.

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This is the worst thing about the Gears community.




We’re all playing the same game, we shouldn’t be a split community.

Your response just shows that you’ve got a prejudice that’s not justified.

I will say that Gears 4 did have a small amount of people cheating & that TC did what they could, which actually wasn’t enough.

But fair play to them in 5, I haven’t seen a single cheater, yes they probably do exist but it’s far less common.

Now, if you don’t think a console player can “cheat” then you should understand it can happen on both platforms.

My point about Series X is that if people think PC is all high framerates, less input delay - then a small amount of people now being locked into the console ecosystem with that, makes no sense to keep the PC community split.

It’s a tiny community. We should do what we can to be playing together.

I see PC players finding it difficult to find games.

I see console players finding it difficult to have balanced games.

Well, guess what?

A bigger player pool would help every GEARS player.

Every other major MP game is looking at or has CrossPlay.

Even Apex Legends has it, and that was a game that wasn’t even built for Crossplay.

I’m not trying to change your mind because you’ve already decided that, however, it’s not a logical thing to say one person is speeding so ban every single sports car from the road / keep the separate…

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Sounding like I’ve said this a million times:

People will complain over ANY change.

But uniting the community is a good thing.

The whole argument is null & void once Series X launches.

A lot of PC players use controller. A lot.

And M&K can be used on Xbox.

They even made a special edition Gears version for it!

Pre-Series X, ok, you can have those hesitations.

But post launch,

The Series X might as well be a PC.

So let me get this straight, they should disable an option to appease like 5% of the population? Wouldn’t it make more sense for them (and they should’ve done this all along) to focus on increasing the general population?


Again, that’s because the game is unpopular, crossplay means almost nothing in that conversation. You’d be lucky to see 100 PC players in a playlist on a given day, so that argument is sort of weak.

Apex Legends lets you disable crossplay though, so bad argument.

You say this as if your a victim, you have quickplay, you have horde/escape, you have Campaign, you are better off arguing that the ranking system itself is worthless for Gears, which would solve your problem more or less. Gears of War when it was in its prime (in terms of popularity) had no ranking system, PC audience is seemingly irrelevant for Gears of War as a franchise (as Tactics proved)

I know this may sound a little crazy but they need to do for Versus what they did to Horde/Escape, instead of you having to deal with a mess of teammates/opponents every game you would just play Customs, would be inferior connection wise (so more lag) but would be a godsend to Versus, if someone acts like a ■■■■ you can just kick them from your lobby, you can make it so players don’t spawn with lancer, etc.

As much as folks love to hate on how bad the lag was in Gears 1/2 they were far more popular (population wise) than their contemporaries, I suspect it was mainly just because it felt more dare I say “human” back then, you knew who the host was if you played enough, you could do rematches and actually learn better, you didn’t have to deal with all the toxic garbage you see nowadays because the host could straight up kick you if you were disrespectful enough. Gears 5 has all the bells and whistles I could ask for out of a Gears game, but somewhere along the way it lost its soul.

The 5% are still fans.

And they’re dedicated.

If you’re in that 5%, it matters.

And if it’s only 5% - which should there even be a toggle anyway?

Like I said, there’s no reason now to have a separation.

Of course general population increase is important but when you’re segregating the Playerbase just because of platform choice when other games aren’t, why would anyone stick around or want to play?

TC is just low effort, nonsensical.

I don’t defend any game locking out users.

The fans are there and want to play. Should be United.

For you it may be weak.

But it makes a big difference to the Masters players who are also a small group.

That’s why you get disproportionate matchmaking when player-base is split.

The top should be playing the top only.

No doubt there’s a lot of good PC players locked out from good console players.

Not bad when it’s a thing, it’s in beta, it can change.

Other games approach it via input based.

There’s a lot of ways, main reason now is Series X will run the game better than most PCs.

Completely disagree.

I’m no victim. I can play on PC or Console and will have a Series X.

But I know people who get locked out due to playing on PC.

That’s not right for anyone.

Idk what your problem is but it’s just like everyone else who downplays the importance of an inclusive game. Maybe you just like arguing for the sake of arguing or thinking you’re bringing valid points to discussion. But in no way now is there any reason to keep one playerbase locked out.

To you it might not be a big issue.

But it is for any PC player / fan.

The Ranking System - TC don’t seem to be able to get it right & I have no faith in them.

Playing something though is better than nothing.

Campaign/Horde/Escape are downright boring & bland.

Ranked, with full community, would be such a better place.

Congrats My friend ,took me 5 days,:cry:

If you have cross play off you have small wee wee energy I’m just saying.

I literally laughed. I’m so childish… lol

I would argue that having PC crossplay has proven to be a worthless feature of the series, the original trilogy had no such PC crossplay and yet they were drastically more popular, they attempted to launch Tactics on PC and not on XB1 and that did not pan out too well, I suspect you’ll see more people playing Tactics in one week than what you’ve seen it being played in the last few months on PC.

Give me some examples of games that force crossplay.

I am a Masters caliber player, I haven’t wanted to go back to Ranked simply because its too boring, same reason I quit playing Gears 3 about 6 months after release, If I wanted to play a game focused around things like crossing and camping there are plenty of other games that can offer that. I’ve played against quite a few PC players, they just rely on cheap and boring tactics as I mentioned to win, so again my point is why bother making the game worse for most players to improve it for minority?

You’re arguing with yourself with this statement.

So you agree with me that the focus on Ranked since Gears 4 has been awful for Gears as a franchise? The fact of the matter is that Gears of War games nowadays don’t have population to support a Ranking system, in the Gears 1-3 era it would’ve worked, but now they’re better off encouraging grass roots.

about 80% of the content and work they put into Gears 5 was in those modes though, so if you don’t play them then Gears isn’t right for you I’m afraid. If you want a good MP Apex Legends, COD, Fortnite, etc. all do it better than Gears does currently, so I just think you are wasting your time in Gears 5 when you could easily transition into another franchise that is more focused around its Versus offering.

The reason it annoys me is because of a term called prioritization. Same reason I don’t give two damns about the Omen or the Server complaints because they’re insignificant, I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again TC needs to be focused on offering SUBSTANTIAL (not skins, not characters, even maps is sorta dull if you want my opinion on it) content that keeps people interested for longer periods of time, like did you know that Gears 5 was actually about number #14 on the xbox live charts at the beginning of OP4? That means that the developers aren’t failing in terms of QoL or “division” (like you would argue) but moreso that they are doing an awful job of keeping players engaged for long period of time.

For perspective the dude I bought Gears 5 for about 3 months ago is already bored with the game and is now playing Gears 4, that’s a disgrace. Those PC players you herald like the second coming of Jesus have either moved on to greener pastures or treat Gears 5 like a side dish :joy:

Versus needs a few basic (but strong) tweaks to keep people playing, Horde just needs some more modifiers and maybe some more variety in terms of enemies, Escape just needs to get rid of those stupid long load times/cutscenes, and Campaign is wasted potential because they didn’t offer any modifiers or interesting ways to replay it. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize what’s wrong with Gears 5, but it does take someone with a sense of direction/purpose to do what is right and move the franchise forward.

And ‘‘you’’ want Crossplay off !

I don’t think you’ve ever played on console against PC, otherwise you wouldn’t say something like that

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If you think it’s worthless, than you won’t understand & anything I say doesn’t even matter, so this is going to be my last reply, clearly getting no where with you.

It’s not worthless when there are players who are only on PC.

You talk about wanting it to be more popular, have a bigger general population yet you out of your own beliefs, think it’s worthless?

PC is the platform where you can enjoy the game in a whole different way, on a much more substantial basis.

You have no idea how Campaign, Horde & Escape look & run on PC.

Crossplay is essential as the population is mostly on Xbox but to be forced to play on one platform over the other?

Take it away from Gears & that’s not a good situation at all.

The Original Trilogy was in a different time, different era of games.

You know why they were “more popular” ? - because there wasn’t a lazy effort & lack of content.

Today Gears doesn’t stand out from other offerings, that’s not going to change now at all with Gears 5, TC simply have lost that passion, drive, ability.

Gears 6 is the only chance/hope.

We’ll continue to get a few more maps, drips of store content here & there, rotation of the same events - that’s about it.

The population will always be low until that quantity & quality changes.

Doesn’t mean you think Crossplay is irrelevant or is the reason for low population, you don’t even need to come on here & think you’re arguing for something more than just arguing.

Your second point, again, it wasn’t ever going to be a huge success imo.

I played Tactics and it just wasn’t for me, I didn’t even finish it, I doubt it’s going to set the console world on fire either. It will be popular as a download because it’s on GamePass and has the gears name. But we’ll see how many players follow through with completion.

So it’s not just about initial demand, it’s about retention.

The PC community sees the Crossplay toggle as something that no longer makes sense due to Series X.

It’s hardly going to take effort for TC change the way it works.

I believe Warzone has it enabled for XO & PC, Halo has it for Input Based.

The biggest difference is that these games, like Fortnite & Apex, have huge playerbases that even with a toggle, it doesn’t matter.

With Gears, it’s one sided. The toggle was there for reasons people used like hardware differences. Now that’s going to be gone next month.

It’s just a logical step to either change from On/Off to either Series X & PC being grouped together or have it input based, or just have it open.

So you’re on the hand thinking PC is 5% if population,

Now the way they play is going to ruin it for 95% of people?

Are you for real?

Mixed in, you would hardly notice them if matchmaking was allowed to spread them out.

Btw, you think you’re a masters caliber player.

I highly doubt that by blaming the way PC players play.

It can be frustrating when crossing is happening, not going to deny that.

But damn do players on both platforms be able to do that.

So your points aren’t valid at all.

So yeah, styles aren’t locked to platform.

You have to include everyone.

Or you can just go and host customs without rifles.

The focus has been bad.

But that same focus has been bad across all modes.

But if I’m going to play Gears, I’m always going to go play KOTH/FFA/2v2.

Whether ranking works or not (obviously it doesn’t) that’s all I will play.

You need to let go of the past though.

I don’t know why you cling to 1-3.

A ranking system will always be present in modern MP games.

I disagree.

I played campaign and that’s something I would only do once anyway.

Horde/Escape have never been my thing & never will.

If seriously rather just sit outside and watch the sun set.

It’s ridiculously boring & waste of time just to grind out against bots, IMO.

I know it’s hugely popular, but just because I’m a PvP player doesn’t mean I should just move on from Gears.

The game does offer something unique. It might be broken, it might have server issues, it might have a terrible ranking system, it might have poor quality content.

But it’s still Gears & whether I can stomach 1 match or 10 per session, I will always go back to it.

It’s not a priority for you because it doesn’t affect you.

But if you’re part of the 5% - then yes, it’s a huge priority to be able to play the game.

Like I said, I can switch between the platforms, if I load up PC and can’t find games, I’ll be forced to DOWNGRADE my experience and play on a Series X.

But a lot of people don’t have that luxury.

And yes there’s a whole community out there that’s PC only - quite a few people.

Those people have enough dedication that Hosting Gears 1 nights is a thing.

That they got Gears 3 working on PC and host game nights for that.

So it matters they’re there, to me, as someone who wants to see the playerbase as big as possible.

I said it before & I’ll say it again,

TC has no priority left with Gears 5.

It’s just going to chug along.

You think we’re going to see anything Substantial?

You’re deluded if you think so.

I’d rather now just unite a community so that if you want play whatever remains, you’re not segregated.

Finally, you say nothing new.

The new direct or anything major happening just isn’t there.


I don’t need a reply, you’re in your mind set that PC players bad, PC players 5% so forget about them, that it doesn’t matter about Crossplay, that we need other priorities, but it just isn’t going to make a difference.

Someone like that just will never understand because they’ve never been in that position.

My whole point is now that Series X changes the situation & a revaluation of the communities needs to be done.

You’ve got a few solutions, easy solutions.

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After getting to know some PC players I am ready to embrace the community as 1.

Now the battle for the other 3,750+ Console players

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