What's Up - October 1st

That’s why I’m confused because of what is mentioned in this what’s up and him talking about future contents


that’s how the movie ends man … I would love to play more but the game its boring as hell.


So much for that… took me 3h.

Still waiting for these last two Versus Event medals. Those are the only ones missing for quite a while. .-.


I thought when I saw those medal requirements that it seemed very unlikely those would take several weeks to play unless you only get to play like I don’t know, one match a day.

If Ops 2 and 3 are any indication, they won’t pop up til the last 2 or 3 weeks lol

My various gods this is horrible news. It honestly looks like TC has completely run out of creative ideas. For a developer that wants people to play their game more they are sure going the wrong way about it. I have gone from Horde and VS matches every day to just dropping in for dailies which takes about 10 to 15 minutes and thats not like me at all. I played all Gears of War games like I was an addict lol but now its just mind numbingly boring. No matter if I finished everything a previous title had to offer I never got bored or felt this game has nothing for me but now its like there is nothing left in this game at all.

Maybe its just me or maybe a decent break from Gears 5 will fix it but it does not look good for Gears at all.

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4 boltok with an active loaded in

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That’s my bread and butter! :sweat_smile:

No, I not want Play whit PC Players, when you want Play with Konsole Players buy a SX Finish!

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You know a Series X is basically better than most PCs - especially at running Gears 5.

I am buying a Series X,

But having a small amount of people locked onto 120FPS just completely undermines people’s not wanting to have Crossplay with PC.

Why segregate for no apparent reason/valid reason anymore.

Community should be United.

don’t you mean we’re outta here?

TC isn’t going anywhere. in Microsoft’s eyes they hit the only points that mattered to them, that’s getting above a 80 metacritic and selling a bunch of gamepass subs.

Here’s what’s up my October 1st.

Using version control they can branch code and work on it while the trunk code gets re-certified.
They’ll be doing this already - having code in a release candidate branch until it passes testing and is ready to push and merging into the main when it’s good to go.
So I’m sure that they’ll be cranking out Op5 code and merging it into release candidate and just won’t be able to promote it higher until re-certification.

Amazing how the store seems to always work while everything else just bugs tf out

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If all it takes to impress you is maps then it should impress you, I personally don’t care if they added 20 new maps, for Horde maps don’t mean too much.

I know… but it’s so much more fun to daydream about fully achievable achievements in the entire Gears series… party pooper :wink:

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I’m having difficulty understanding… Psychobabble :roll_eyes:

You’re saying that OP5 content would be put into Gears 5 in October, but they’ll make it available come November :thinking:

Would PC players be able to hack into the code and give us a heads up?

They’re writing it on their machines, and pushing it to the servers for distribution when they’re ready.
Nobody has access to the new code but them.
A hacker could potentially get to where they’re keeping it but they’d be breaking the law and then telling people about it would be helping the authorities

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Content in general including character skins but ESPECIALLY maps isn’t what impresses me but it’s what’s expected for the game if you compare it to it’s own standards set from Gears 1 thru to 4 a year in from release. Besides the weapon tunin problems, maps have been a HUGE issue for me. If you remove the copy/paste Gears 4 maps (meaning they didn’t even bother changing the feel eg night/day/rain/snow etc) and the trash map Pahanu, how many maps have been delivered? Just 2. A year in. Allfathers & Reactor. Thats a disgrace.

I’m fully aware of all the other issues with the other major one being the netcode but they didn’t give us a time frame on that… they did with new map content. I’m curious to find out if they think we’ve somehow forgot and try to drop another 2 maps. Even 3 wont cut it.

Both. In the eyes of Gears players, are many of us really gonna be confident in TC delivering what we want with Gears 6 if they continue to fumble as they are? And yh, as a consequence many of us will be outta here. I know what you mean about Microsoft & targets but they have the data… it likely showed a huge decline in the player base and we’ve only just touched a year in. Remember, their goal was most likely to have the lifespan of the game last AT LEAST 3 years…

I was NEVER this active on the forums with Gears 4 or any other Gears game (excluding Judgement which I didn’t even care enough about to moan about).

Just hugely disappointed as a massive Gears fan, that’s all. Thanks TC.

The only other issue you see with the game is the netcode? :thinking:

I’ve said this multiple times but I’ll repeat it, TC needs to focus on MEANINGFUL content, not cosmetics, not maps (its arguably counterproductive to even make new maps considering they have dozens of great maps they could remake and/or port from Gears 4)

Like people keep talking about how they’ve moved on from Gears to Sea of Thieves, however Sea of Thieves was a joke at launch content wise, but the devs worked hard and delivered substantive content ever since :slight_smile:

They’ll probably have at least 5, possibly more. I’ve called it. It won’t matter for more than about a month for PvE players, but if all you play is Versus (God bless your soul) then you’ll be pleased.