What's Up - October 1st

Tbh it feels like they’re punishing us for wanting to play/like this game.



Hence why I stopped playing it. If it where any other company doing this kinda crap they would be bankrupt.

Just terrible business practice.




So no pumpkin headed carmines skins or old Halloween content coming back…?

Well then I guess I’ll just go ■■■■ myself then. I’ll see everyone after October. Cheers fellas! Let’s ■■■■ this ■■■■■ into a new era on another game!

Oh hell yeah! Finally!!!
And it’s free too!!!
I’m going to enjoy this.

@TC_Sera i hope i am not reading between the lines and feeling that TC is using series S|X launch as a excuse to delay Operation 5(18 weeks for op4). Bored of current maps and would love to play new maps, characters on day 1 (10 Nov) on my xbox series X


It seems like nobody’s getting pumpkin heads this year… although honestly, they bothered me so much with how stupid they looked I just didn’t play the Horde event at all. Why can’t we turn these off if we want to?

Just do co-op vs AI on beginner

■■■■ the most tedious one maybe could be ring captures. But if you want I can just stack up with you and we can just keep voting KOTH, caping hills. Then letting the enemy AI cap then uncap and then cap again.

Doing this will net the ring captures at least 20 match. And we’d be done with that one in 3 matches.

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It does appear to be working now.

I don’t know why I have this feeling but to me it feels like TC just desperately wants us to hate them.

I’m looking forward to these weekly news every time just to hope for something to return that I can grind for. But just nothing is really worth it. Those medals? Bet I’m done with them after this weekend? They’re so lame and I believe 4 of those were actually re-used if I’m not mistaken? In case they’re retro-active I’m already done with them.

So since nothing’s going to change until November, I guess this basically means nothing is going to change until OP5 I assume, not even the new PvE meta which failed due to localization issues is launching somewhen soon as it seems.

I don’t like Versus in this Gears, yet I’ve done all the medals. I’m not going for the ranks on each mode, rewards aren’t worth it. I’ve been running for time in Escape until the cheaters arrived. Yet the rewards there have been terrible and are even worse now so what’s the point. I’m almost Re-Up 50. I’m relatively close to maxing out all cards, it’s just a tireing process since it’s the same thing over and over again. Running for score in Horde is pointless due to a glitch allowing infinite points so it’s only based on how long you can last in a Horde match. I only have the grind achievements left from Versus which are yet again a tireing process.

Like, what else is there to do which isn’t just straight up boring.


That’s another way of saying concessions/drawbacks. Idc if Gears 5 is 720p, just want it to be a buttery smooth experience, unlike the XB1 is (framerate drops consistently)

Sweet :+1:

Not sure I understand, the only way I see this being a fair comparison is if you’ve done dramatic changes to code to better match current gen to next gen, otherwise I don’t understand why code on current gen platforms needs to be changed for future gen, why not just push this out for next gen systems exclusively?

For the love of Gears don’t let next update/patch have “localization issues” like last one did, that is bad QA and nothing more.

Awesome, finally giving me something to do. I’m bored out of my mind with Gears 5 because I’ve achieved almost everything.

@TC_Sera has TC ever considered community made challenges/medals? :thinking:
Not saying that TC is bad or anything but would love to see some more “interesting” challenges :smile:

Been taking a Gears vacation and its done me some good, for PvE there is very little incentive long term both on the superficial side (rewards, XP, fluff) and on the deeper side (difficulty, variety, replayability in general) so its not surprising that you’d feel that man. I have a friend that is wanting to get every bonus card from all Escape Hives, like dude was so bored they made something up lol.

PvP is even worse because the rewards are awful (like Versus should give far more XP than PvE as an example, yet it gives far less for some reason) and although it is fun in limited doses (SOMETHING to challenge me lol) its super toxic and is very inconsistent.

TC right from the start sorta shot themselves in the foot with an extremely limited and low quality of content, like I’m sure that MS is more at fault ultimately than TC is for rocky launch, but my point is that TC has been playing Ketchup ever since, when you look at Gears 5 you don’t think “lack of content” you think “rushed”, so its an awful situation where they are being pressured into releasing stuff all the time but ends up backfiring (last update is a great example)

Everybody needs a vacation, gives us time to sort things out, then when we come back we’ll be in a healthier mindset :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been making my own challenges since I got so bored of the grind. But even those are worn out eventually.

I’m already on a sort of “break” in a sense. It would also be nice if the custom hives would have more value in a sense.

Painfully true

4 or 5 Boltok?

4 then RIP my friend

5… you’ll be fine bro.


What happened to the Horde update from a few weeks ago?

Still pushed off because of a ridiculous “localization issue” that made no sense to me as to why it made the update not make it in. And still no ETA on when we’re actually getting it.


Boy… Op 5 better be good… we were promised a lot of maps nearly 6 months ago now and for many of us, TC are on their second strike. One more and you’re outta here.

Could care less about Series X right now… a broken game on the X1 is a broken game on the Series X


Dana claimed that the Halloween-PvE-Event would return. Does anyone even know what’s going at TC anymore?

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“We don’t talk about future contents”


He did though. At the beginning of the latest dev-stream.

Oh, but 1minute later after being asked when the Ice-skins and Halo-chars would be added to the store he went back to “who knows”.