What's Up - October 18, 2018 - Discussion Thread

I know. I’m just curious how this came about. Could be a genuine error by someone at TC typing it. Or it could be someone at TC accidently typing and publishing something intended for the near future? Who knows!

With TC’s history probably a mistake lol but hey ya never know

I can’t remember exactly but if the Theron pack was released about a year ago then I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they just copy / pasted last years stuff, it would be great to have a new one but I wouldn’t count on it.

In the last dev stream TC Octus said there won’t be any new skin pack until christmas.

There was never a Theron Pack though. The Theron Sentinel came with the Palace Guard Pack (which was out in the summer of 2017), and the Theron Elite came with the Armored Kantus pack (which came out in early December 2017).

Regarding the new packs thing, I recall that Octus was specifically referring to new themed skins for calender events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas - he said that there would be new Gearsmas skins. I had the impression that this didn’t necessarily mean we wouldn’t get any other new packs during this period.

That’s what I meant, we do have some therons and judging by the same pictures from last years “The Road Ahead” I think it is reasonable to assume it was a typo when they copy pasted last year content.

Of course I will be the first to apologize and admit I was wrong if they indeed come with new Theron skins.

As for the new skins / gearmas, you could be right, without further explanation we’re just throwing ideas into the wind.

Anyone get the midnight lancer skin? I got them all but hammerburst and lancer. The two I actually wanted.