What's Up - October 18, 2018 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears of War 4!

  • Gears 4 is getting in the Halloween spirit beginning October 23rd!
  • Earn 3XP in Halloween playlists with an even bigger global bonus next week
  • Stay Frosty v2 is live now, continues through to October 22nd.
  • Classic Delta Squad enter Series 3 this Friday

Find out full details in the full What’s Up post: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-Oct18-2018


" XP Bonuses"

Why October 26th?

Red Dead 2.


i’m gonna go ahead and say the whole “lost souls” pack idea is not very appealing as most of them are already craftable and so the pack itself would just be diluted with craftable skins i think releasing all the characters in there individual packs would be a better idea and if thats too much to ask at least make a DOTD pack and a zombie pack separately that way we can choose what skins we want to buy to a certain degree


I’m hoping they have like a 25x xp event but I’m guessing it will be 10x xp since it’s for a week,

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congrats to the GFC guys

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What’s with the negativity? It’s good to see a more full ‘What’s Up?’ Page.

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Good work, I’m looking forward to the XP Events.


Sorry to say this TC, but that Halloween pack is pure trash… I know the focus is on Gears 5, but come on… Most of us were really hoping for something new and fun (like COG and Swarm Halloween skins)

Even playlist challenges wouldn’t be a bad idea to like earn them. And to finish it off, maybe something like a Glowing Pumpkin skin set wouldn’t be bad either, what a let down… :frowning:


A little birdy tells me it’s x10 XP.

So you guys (TC) took out Golden Gun off Stay Frosty v2 because people were using it the most instead of hammy and frags? Wow. Did it ever occur to you guys that maybe it’s because people actually enjoy Golden Gun by itself? I played a few matches and had a little bit of fun but now that you guys took it out, I don’t think I would bother anymore. #BringBackGoldenGun

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Golden Gun should be it’s own separate play list. I gather that this change to Stay Frosty was that the play style with the GG became too much “run-and-gun” orientated, which isnt what Stay Frosty is about.


That Golden Gun single-handedly ruined Stay Frosty v1. It has its own event, Stay Frosty should as well. #useyourbrain


Looking forwards to Pumpkin Ball.
I don’t know if it was there last year or I might have missed it out.
But it seems instant-kills should be the way to kill opponents with Gnashers, executions and headshots.

I think it could be 6x XP across global or maybe 10x as mentioned further above.

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Ok? … All this did was to show that nobody wants to play Stay Frosty and would much rather GG to come back permanently. Maybe TC could give the community what it wants instead of shoving certain game modes up our throats.

When I played v1, 9 out of 10 people every game were playing with GG and there was always that one dude who was hammy at all of us from the corner of the map in cover annoying the hell out of us. You’re probably that one dude so just don’t…ok.

I don’t care how many people enjoy or want the Golden Gun gametype, my point was it shouldn’t be in Stay Frosty. It has it’s own event.

The whole point in the debate is to get the right settings for the Stay Frosty style, which is a powerful Hammerburst and a single bullet pistol. That’s it. No more. Especially no more Golden Gun.

Next you’ll be wanting the Golden Gun in Torque Bow Tag.


‪@CoalitionGears #WhatsUpGears https://www.youtube.com/user/sie247

Octus said on one of the community streams it was somewhere between 5 and 10 times, guess that means it could be 10

I think it’s more annoying that the What’s Up for this coming week, is what’s coming after this week. Feels like the next What’s Up will be similar to this one

Would (probably) have to be a minimum of 6. They said the biggest ever. They’ve already had 5x.

(Though they could technically fulfill that description with 5x, since it would match the most thus far)

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Yes that’s actually quite common with the “What’s Up”.

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Should be 13 x or even 31x would be better!

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