What's Up November 8th 2018 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • New Stalker Kantus Gear Pack arrives Friday
  • Play Fast, Play Hard with new Horde Boss Rush event and the return of Blitz
  • Season 5 Ranked Challenge begins Friday
  • New Update launched today including 500G of new achievements

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Best “what’s up” for a while :+1::clap:


These are beautiful! Well done TC.

“RAAM, the Queen has betrayed us…”

Excellent work TC, looks great this coming weekend.

These skins actually look fantastic and I will try for them. Gg TC


So no extra XP for Horde or Blitz event?
Horde variation sounds good but without some extra xp, I don’t see many people playing this mode , the fact that many quit at the start of a normal horde match 1-50 and 1-25 it’s gonna make it hard to finish and more without some xp.
Lol! Sorry I just saw I reply to you it was not my intention.

ohh, those Violence Weapon skins… Reminds me of my favourite blood-stained weapon skins in Gears of War 3. Not sure about the Stalker Kantus, but they do look pretty cool.

Now, this Horde Boss Rush…?!?.. Interesting. Very interesting, TC. I’ll be giving this a go, but I keep mentioning and suggesting this. Since you’re open to feedback:

I won’t really feel all that challenged until me and a squad finish 90% of the Boss Wave, and then we’re running around wondering if one enemy is hiding, only after a few seconds of silence, we hear a little rumble akin to the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, “SERVE THE QUEEN!!!”

**And then RAAM (and his Kryll shield) turns up with his Elite Guard in tow. Maybe SKORGE, his brother, right above him on his Reaver, even KARN (KARRRRN!!!) on Shibboleth

Even can imagine that sound of Myrrah laughing as she appears on her Tempest, and that armoured stomping for the Armored Kantus coming out of nowhere start surrounding us…**

Come on, TC, give it a go, uh? :wink: I always did like the Boss Waves in Gears of War 3 and Gears of War 4, but they really need some character now. You can always test this on a small Horde Event for a week, see how it goes. What do you say, up for such a challenge? :slight_smile:

Looks sorta like the ‘leaked’ Arbitor model from the Halo crossover conspiracies, nonetheless these are still really cool.

I hope however, they’re not like the regular armored kantus where your foot steps are the equivalent of a train crashing into a building


How long Boss Rush lasts?

Would like to try it but can’t play until the end of the month.

I dont think itll be up for 3 weeks. Maybe 2 but then again they did say they will take feedback and probably add an insane difficulty to it so you may be in luck.

Exactly my first thoughts.

The Arbiter skin is available this Friday, so does that means Master Chief is next? Lol


New Gear Pack coming out tomorrow! They pretty pretty nice actually. There’s two different Armored Kantus designs called Stalker Kantus and Elite Stalker.

Some of you will have seen this skin before cos back in July there were rumours of a Halo-themed Spartan and Arbiter themed pack coming out - well turns out that the Arbiter image that was leaked was actually one of these skins!

Looks like someone else beat me to making a new post. Mods - feel free to merge this together.

Yeah, it has striking resemblance to the Arbiter in Halo.
But does the Stalker Kantus even exist in canon?
Those Violence skins look great, better than Bloodied.

Be interesting to see if this will be a trend going forward. Seems like a creation of “new” characters by changing armour. Cool looking though. I’ll collect them, but likely never use them. I hate the clanking armour in versus.

Maybe the stalker versus is whisper quiet.

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As of this point they dont exist in canon. They definitely have that Halo vibe to them.

Is it just me or are all the links for Twitter and the community page for the pack dead at the moment?

FYI - during the summer around July, there were rumours of a Halo cross-over Gear Pack featuring the Arbiter and a Spartan. An image was leaked suppsoedly of the Arbiter. It was debunked at the time as a fake, but it turns out that it was totally legit, but was actually of one of these Kantus characters. I had a look just now at the old leaked “Arbiter” image and the ones of the Stalker skins and they are identical.

As far as canon is concerned, these variants have never existed in the lore universe.

On a side note, I wonder if the “Stalker” in their name means that they will be stealthy variants of the Armorred Kantus and won’t have those loud metalic footsteps?