What's Up - June 28th 2018

Has anybody else problems downloading the patch which was released today. Mine is stuck at 48 percent it wont download anymore, since it says ready to start.

How are you counting the 6000 kills for the Ruby challenge? From when does it count?

Quoting the article:

The diamond will be crazy hard for solo players. I’ll try for it none the less. Anyone want to group up for it?

Yeah, it just seemed like getting 6K kills starting July 3rd until whenever season ends is impossible.

Playing everyday for am hour or 2 could get you there maybe work in a few days of nothing but gears could help. It did say co-op versus so those could be easy kills. KOTH seems best suited for best amount of kills.

It’s impossible outside of TDM and KOTH for EU :sob:

I’m in the state’s if you ever need an American host. My GT is the same as my forum name. Always enjoy playing with forum members and need a solid group of people. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the offer :blush::+1:

You can do this on Social and Co-Op VS AI.

Exactly, which makes it possible for pretty much anyone.

Hello TC,

Regarding the new 2.8 beta:

  • New movement = GOOD: I really felt an improvement, it’s really easier to wallbounce now.

  • Gnasher changes = TERRIBLE!!: I can’t kill anyone anymore! It’s tuned only for professionals!

I’m not a professional player, but I like to play Gears eventually and I do it very passionately (level 90 - 5th re-up).

This weekend I spent some 8 hour playing and realized my performance dropped 80% or more! You made the Gnasher useless…

Question if we earn diamond and regress in rank do we still qualify for the scion?

Scion is earned by 6k kills each now. Something about getting 6k before july ends or, along those lines.

Ruby Scion = 6K kills.

Diamond Scion = Reach Diamond in 5 Playlists.

Would be great if it was retro but it won’t be more likely…I’ll be passing on the Ruby Scion…it’s a lame skin anyway

Oh? They changed their minds again?

No, it’s always been that way since it was announced :+1:

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Hi, no news on the NCOG pack ?

I believe it is based on the highest rank you have achieved in the season, not the one you are at, at the end.

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