What's Up - June 28th 2018

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears of War 4!

  • New NCOG Marine Gear Pack arrives on Tuesday, July 3rd
  • Competitive 2.8 beta arrives this Friday with new movement and Gnasher changes
  • Prepare to put your skills to the test to earn the Ruby and Diamond Scion!
  • Set those consoles to auto-download – a new small Update arrives for Gears 4 tomorrow
  • Nvidia released a new Driver targeting reduced crashes on Pascal Cards

Find out full details in the full What’s Up post: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-june28-2018


So I am guessing any kills before this update won’t help out towards the 6000 kills needed for the Ruby skin?

Diamond across five playlists is unfortunetaly impossible on PC with the state of the matchmaking.

[EDIT] @anon86589457 There’s a mistake about the original date of the Horde Variant. :blush:

Just once I would love to see the GFC spotlighted but i guess that’s not why we do what we do ,having this just be for Video creators is unfair to groups like the GFC who ,run community nights and tournaments and other events for the community ,i really wish there was a way to spot light groups like that too @anon86589457 @TC_Octus


Are you referring to the crashing or playerbase? Playerbase is fine for me. Can understand if you’re referring to crashing though.

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Player base, maybe. Matchmaking takes a huge amount of time to find a match. For the current Ranked Challenge, I waited between 15 and 35 minutes (glad I played on PS4 in the meantime).

I used to have that problem when I solo queued. It’s not a perfect solution because not everyone can get parties going, but playing with 4-5 people makes the queue much quicker. I now find games either instantly or within a couple mins (unless playing at really odd hours).

no new Horde variant? iirc it was annonunced für june 29th

what happened to the remaining midnight skins?

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Quoting the article:


The new Gears pack seems nice ! And for 400 credits only, it’s worth the shot !
I’m not too crazy about the scion characters, but I know my teamate is pretty excited about that, so why not ? I’ll help him get the Ruby one.
As for the Diamond version… There’s no way. Playing as a duo in ranked, we tried it multiple times… Problem is : even if we both perform nicely, one or two players can ruin it and that leads to a loss that will cause our rank to go down; so I’m not trying that anymore.

Overall, a pretty nice update though ^-^

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Holy crap. It’s the dreaded unplayable Gear. Nice choice for a pack TC.

Im glad its a challenge and not an achievement cause honestly just getting Diamond on ONE playlist is out of bound for me. I have been up to Onyx 3 in multiple playlist in season 0 including Warzone when it was still a rank mode and then lately i have been reaching close to it once again as i play more rank and usually with 1 good friend. But honestly 2 peoples ain’t enough…

Anyway currently Onyx 2 in KOTH and Onyx 1 in Dodgeball. I would love to get Onyx 3 for KOTH but im not sure ill be able. In any case diamond i highly doubt ill even came close. I miss my chance when the game was in season 0. Its sad cause 2 of my squad member did get diamond, but it was like i was stuck at Onyx 3 and no possibility to check how close i was back then. I supose its because i was more a support on the team, using rifles and covering my teamates at power weapon etc. Less flashy but damn usefull and effective. I agree tough that my “sweaty gnasher” skill is not on par with the usual diamond ranks.

Anyway 6000 kills i could probably do it but im just not motivated after patting an extra 5000 Kills for an achievement. Diamond tough nop nop.

But hey its not an achievement at least so i won’t complain.

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Hello Vectes,

Regarding diamond character challenge, TC didn’t take in mind that the majority of PC players can’t find a match in other variations, especially non US region.

I could get D1-D5 easily in many variations, but not in this profile though, if I could find a match in Guardian, Escalation, Dodge or Execution, without waiting for hours in the main menu.

Many need another alternative, like Diamond master in 2-3 variations as a minimum.

Moreover, in my opinion, getting 5 diamonds seems impossible for solo players, thus decreasing the motivation to go through this challenge.



My pc is forcing an update today, june 28th in the windows store. Is this intended?

You mean a 1.61 GB one?
That’s for consoles too, for this update.

Oh, okay cool. I was under the impression from todays “what’s up” preview in this thread, that the update was scheduled for tomorrow 6/29/2018.

That wouldn’t change a thing if the game still crashes for a lot of players.