What's Up - June 21st 2018

It’s tagged under core tuning, so doesn’t look like it counts for comp matches.
I have 0% progress for getting competitive achievement.

They said it was supposed to have competitive tuning. It says it in the OP

I know, I remember that too.
It’s probably a mistake on their part, and might get changed.

Balls. OK.

How fast do you receive reward, i accomplished it last night???

Once you claim reward it’s practically instantaneous

as @T0NY_HAYABUSA has said it happens the instant you claim ,i finished the horde one last night hit the claim box and Studio Skins were there

How I can get the flaming shotgun because I win 50 matches I got the heartbeat but no the flaming camo
And they don’t explain what to do to get this camo?

Mine just came with the heartbeat gnasher. Do you already have one? That might be why…?

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Hey I got a question
I watch a whole show of San Diego last Friday I acclaims all skins but I don’t have anything in my inventory but you know the event is done how I can acclaims all skins again?