Whats up! Gears weekly news updates 6-9-2020

Hey guys, new thread who dis?
Didn’t get to drop in much extras this week, but wanted to get it out as straightforward as possible. News is up! If you do check out my video, I appreciate it! If you like it, consider liking/subscribing :slight_smile: I’m still pretty new, but I promise they will be better every time.


Kudos! You are doing more work then anyone at TC. :rofl:

Like to have the characters from Gears tactics,but I’m hoping that the bugs can be fixed.As soon as possible,also some more maps please keep up the cool video(s)

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I don’t know, check out this week’s video, there is SO MUCH happening right now, this is actually epic. So much I couldn’t even fit it in under 20 min!