What's Up Gears September 13 - Discussion Thread

(OneButtNugget) #21

is there any pack for friday.

(crazychainsaws8) #22

just like they did with the 5000 kills achievement in verses with the “after march 2018”. And how many times you need to do juvie madness just one skin.

(mizzelphug) #23

They’ll probably wait to drop them on the 12th anniversary Date instead of having a September update.

I hope none of my achievement ideas made it in because they were all intentionally terrible.

(Skelface) #24

(mizzelphug) #25

(GRANT C0RE) #26

Not sure where to post my new tat so the coalition can see it! My bad if it doesn’t belong here!

(Krylon Blue) #27

You best clarify it or I would have gone and layeth the smack down on your candy ■■■!

Okay, too much The Rock in me. :joy:

I love Forza though. So much fun but it makes sense others wouldn’t feel that way. The Horizon series is a blast though and even non racing fans seem to enjoy it. :sunglasses:

(Jedi JayR) #28

I was so excited they added Midnight Omen Lancer to drop on Juvie Madness. 16 runs and all I’m getting is Gnasher and Boltok. Extend this pls. I have a feeling I’ll get the lancer on my 30th run.

(Ektope) #29

On today’s MOTD, it shows an image of Flaming Longshot even though the actual challenge was 50 headshots for Heartbeat Longshot.
Was this unintentional or a mistake?

@TC_Vectes @TC_Octus

(crazychainsaws8) #30

I think your supose to get both

(crazychainsaws8) #31

You only get Heartbeat

(Goodacre) #32

how long does this Juvie Madness event last for?

(Ektope) #33

I would guess it might last the whole of this month in September.
They mentioned about newer Horde variant(s) in the future.

(Goodacre) #34

ok, so do these events usually stay until the next event goes live?

(Ektope) #35