What's Up Gears - Operation 5: Hollow Storm - PvE Overview

Yeah but the replayability/challenge that Beast offers is nowhere near what Escape does. Beast is one of those modes you play every once in a while with friends when your bored of Horde, Escape is something you play daily and every once in a while you play Horde lol.

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“ All new PVE Challenges will be playable in Private Lobbies.”

They mention this in the post and I’m 99% certain they mean custom lobbies, aka Master difficulty should be available for those challenges, whatever they may involve.

Not that Horde is really very difficult right now in most circumstances when you have a good enough team and the game doesn’t screw you over with BS.

A different kind of challenge tbh. Beast mode is all about getting the fastest completion time and formulating strategies through trial and error to achieve that. Beating 12 waves of beast on trenches…yeah that’s easy. Try beating it in under 5 mins…different story.

Anyway…i’d like escape more if the leaderboards weren’t locked. Hopefully that will happen so Escape players can enjoy the challenge of competing for leaderboard glory and maybe the escape cult following will still be going strong 10 years on eh

I think it should be receiving more attention in order to fix the flaws with the mode.

But alas, it will be left to die. Looks like being Cricket 19 for the next few weeks boys.

the matchmaking only allows for Beginner, Advanced, and Inconceivable though, so it won’t have Master difficulty as an option. if you watched dev stream they showed it off. Honestly they should be increasing how many modifiers we can put on at once if anything, but I know that takes a bit more work so I’d rather they just boost the Inconceivable in MM to Master or something (very few actually use matchmaking in Horde/Escape btw)

@TC_MichaelAOS Michael was saying in the stream that foundation is 50m wide, So ive drawn some 5m circles. 5m looks too harsh to me. Kaits not going to be getting bleed from cover. I would say 10m would have been a “more fair nerf” to start off with.

EDIT: a few more circles and positions.


buffing that card is an extremely easy process though, M. Shannon probably was being cautious with her and will buff the range a bit if needed. I don’t think the range is too significant because she’ll be able to get lots more stim, but I’ll have to play around with her for a while.

So explain to me where it says it’s a public matchmaking only option? The quoted text above mentions it being available in what TC calls “private lobbies” as well which makes me thing it’s going to be available in custom matches on Master as well.

Although personally, they might as well change matchmaking to Beginner, the mid level difficulty, Master. Usually there isn’t that big of a difference between Incon and Master anyway, in terms of difficulty increase. With some notable exceptions.

Case in point :

Again, no mention of public matchmaking only. Although knowing TC, it is possible that this is incorrect information or they left relevant parts out.

Ok skimmed through the stream, paid very close attention to modifiers on screen, if you look on far right there does still appear to be the 7th modifier (meaning Master is still possible :smile:) couldn’t see it at first because it was obscured by dev box (not sure what to call it lol)

Even though it doesn’t give me anything for doing it on Master I want the extra challenge.

OP5 is looking fun for Horde, I’m sold :joy_cat:

Edit: I would still love a Master+ option available, but whatever beggars can’t be choosers.


Thanks for that map - it helps us to visualise how the changes will take effect.

My view is that perhaps Blood Resonance should have been reduced if Kait’s damage output was deemed to be too high.

The first shot applies the effects of Laceration (bleed).

The second, third, fourth (and more) shots applies the effects of Blood Resonance (up to 160% extra damage on bleeding targets).

Shotgun damage is range dependant so if fired at longer distances then it does less damage - including any application of Blood Resonance. The Overkill is designed to be more flexible when it comes to distance - so people can fire and hold the trigger to focus the pellets if they choose to. These changes will have a massive impact on this being an effective style of shotgun usage.

I think reducing the effects of Blood Resonance would support this kind of shotgun play, albeit with reduced rewards. Perhaps a reduction from 160% extra damage to 120% (at level 6) would have been proportionate? Right now I agree, it feels like it pushes players into close-range combat, and greatly reduces the viability of anything beyond 5 metres.

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Thanks. Doesn’t look too bad when looked at that way, assuming by “50m wide” he meant “50m length” because if he is talking about side to side - which is what personally interpret the term “width” to mean - then those measurements change drastically.

I wonder how high 5 metres is in game in terms of aiming at Kestrel engines from the ground.

I’m sorry, you can try to rationalize it all you want, but the more I think about that 5 meter requirement for the Kait class the more angry I get. That is just way too stringent. Since a lot of us only play on Master, that makes a shotgun build all but useless. You’re not gonna be running around face tanking anything on that difficulty, so the ability to stack bleed from a distance was very helpful. Now we have to wait for an enemy to be damn near hugging us to get that same damage in, and most likely you’ll be down in a heartbeat if they get that close on Master. Who thought this was a good idea??


Like I said in an earlier comment.

The people who made these changes not only don’t own XBOXs but have never actually seen Gears 5 PVE gameplay…or they would’ve did something different.


You’ll just be doing popshots more is all, Kait will play similarly to Lahni if that makes any sense. You’ll be guarding one lane, waiting for enemies to get in range, then you’ll just spray them. The real issue is with Kestrels honestly, them wings of death just got scarier.

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how do you replace all the grenades you jus t used. jd

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She’s been reduced to an escape character probably and you’ll have to use other guns like sniper to charge ult. Can’t let juvie kills extend ultimate though when running chain/cloak batteries. That was a nice perk. Again, an unnecessary change.


500 bucks from the Fabricator for a fresh stack. Or pick up ammo boxes i would guess.

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The real loser here with Kait is the overkill range, which allowed you to pre-emptively start bleeding the bigs as they worked their way close. 5Meter for bleed with the gnasher is about what it outta be according to it’s range, but still nice to get a few pellets out in the wide open. Maybe she’ll need a hand now, instead of being able to control entire lanes heavily trafficed. But really if the set up is conducive, this alteration will change little other than the overkill range which i’ll compensate for, but the cloaking works, five seconds per execute, and the 10x uber shot sound very fun and tactical.

when you say unnecessary here its horribly out of context, nothing is ever necessary in a videogame friend, M. Shannon was probably worried about 5 Kaits wiping entire waves or something idk. 5 meters sounds extremely short but because you’ll be able to generate stim via Reaper easily now I don’t know how much of a difference it actually is. This does probably make Kait worse on wide open/long sightlines but she was never great there anyway so I don’t see it impacting her as much as one might think. Most of the time Kait is used to guard a narrow corridor or something, I don’t see this hurting her there, in fact I could argue the stim could be super strong especially in Escape (RIP) but I’ll have to play around with it myself I feel. I feel similarly with JD, the changes aren’t obvious so it’ll take me a while to get used to them.

I’m surprised people aren’t more pissed off about Del/COG Gear, like bruh, they pretty much hate Del (#DelLivesMatter) and they somehow thought that Mac/Lahni deserved buffs before COG Gear? Crazy stupid.


it is a nerf