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What's up delayed for something important?

Do you finally think TC has postedponed “this week in gears/whats up” I forgot which one for something the community has been begging for? Do you think they’ll finally add the long awaited and begged for twerking marcus emote and speedo raam? I’m clenching my wallet in anticipation.

You must have some weird fetishes bud


This week in gears is the one that usually would have come out by now, not What’s up.


This week in Gears:

The Return of Guardian!!

Would be a great😬


They simply didn’t do one. There was no relevant announcements to make - apparently, from what I gathered - so it would’ve just been a Twitter post with the Store stuff. One that they removed because they put stuff into it that people could already get for free, and then never put back up again unless I missed it(I don’t count the two messages left to tell people the delay that was only minutes and when the store went up).

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