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Whats Up - December 10th 2019

Welcome to What’s Up, your weekly update on all the latest news, game updates, and more in Gears 5 and beyond.

Here’s What’s Up in Gears this week:

  • Title Update 3 Patch Notes
  • Tour of Duty Highlights
  • Gears Tactics reveal at the Game Awards
  • San Diego Major Recap


The new Operation begins tomorrow, December 11! A reminder, the game update will be available to download at 10:00 am PT but all of the new content – modes (FFA, Arcade Blitz & 2v2) and content (maps, characters & more) – won’t be active until approximately 1 pm PT.


Along with the launch of Operation 2: Free For All, we’re rolling a variety of improvements and fixes in our biggest update yet.

  • Added weapon Bloodsprays to your victims’ death screens in versus
  • Movement adjustments to improve strafing including increased acceleration and a minor reduction in the delay from roadie run to shoot
  • Updated visuals on the spectator HUD used in private versus matches – now includes a mini-map with numbered player icons
  • Added “Reduced Buffering” option for PC players that can reduce input lag when frame-rate is consistently much higher than your monitor’s refresh rate
  • Fixed an issue that could cause only a single map to be featured in the front end
  • Fixed HUD locators being clamped to corners of the screen when they should have been positioned along the bottom
  • Users are no longer able to use a Breaker Mace to kill players in elevated low covers with the Heavy attack
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players searched for cover on the other side of cover they are facing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players roll directly into covers when performing an ADS “Back-A”
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to hitch after performing a cover slip+roadie run at certain angles
  • Fixed an issue where aim adhesion tracked enemies through low cover
  • Melee’ing with a grenade no longer causes the character to ignore player collision on friendlies
  • Fixed an issue that could cause all fortifications and weapons to be displayed when Emile joins in progress
  • Fixed an issue where weapon skins occasionally didn’t display on certain maps in Versus and Horde
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where sometimes split-screen Co-Op players experienced disabled melee and shooting until weapon swap when conducting an active reload with the Overkill
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where players can restart after wiping in Survivor
  • Fixed an issue where store updating forces the player to reboot the title to see new items
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where the Shock Grenadier mutator also damages nearby Swarm
  • Fixed an issue in Escape when a player joining in progress into the safe room could cause the next chapter to load indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where DBNO players get revived with less than full health
  • Fixed an issue so that there is now blood splatter on the camera during pistol executions
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where the Poison Juvies mutator could continue to cause damage after poison puddle disappears
  • Execution previews now play
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes banners didn’t appear on the MVP screen, if the MVP is on the losing team
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where some players’ Ultimates did not display as full on TAC-COM
  • Fixed an issue where some players using the combination of a Controller and a Mouse get incorrect adhesion/friction
  • Fixed the issue where Mouse and Keyboard in the Arcade Deathmatch weapon purchase menu the input to repeated continuously
  • Fixed an issue in Escape where the players “best time” sometimes displayed as “—” even though the user is placed on that Hive
  • Fixed an issue in PC where players attempting to install the Ultra-HD Texture pack sometimes got stuck at 70%
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where Jackbot is occasionally unable to interact with the button that turns the forge on
  • Fixed an issue in Horde where joining in progress occasionally enabled the user to see items that are not allowed to be purchased by that character
  • Fahz Horde buff: Exploit Weakness – removed the constraint that it has to happen during the ultimate. Previously you would get extra damage to weak spots during the ultimate only, now with this card equipped you get it all the time
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes


As Operation 1 comes to a close, all players will receive division rewards based on the maximum rank they reached at any point during the Operation. So, if you peaked at Diamond in week two but finished the season at Onyx then you will receive a Diamond weapon skins for every weapon that was awarded.

Note: This may take a week or two to be deployed following the completion of the season.


With Operation 2’s launch just around the corner, we wanted to give better look at few of our favorite items that you can earn out of the more than 200 pieces of exclusive earnable content.

Blood Red Speaker


Gilded Baird


The Game Awards on Thursday, December 12, 2019. Gears 5 has been nominated for three awards:

  • Best Action Game
  • Best Audio Design
  • Best Performance for Laura Bailey as Kait Diaz

There is still time to cast your vote:

Don’t forget, Gears Tactics is making its world premiere. Trust us – you’re not going to want to miss it.


This weekend, the top pros from around the world descended on San Diego to compete in the first major esports event for Gears 5. With an updated version of Escalation and a single elimination tournament, this event proved to be one of the wildest Gears Esports tournaments ever.

The top seeds from each region were knocked out early, including NRG (formerly OpTic Gaming), EU’s Finest, and Ghost Gaming – resulting in a wide-open bracket and lots of dramatic matches. In the end, Reciprocity overcame a two map deficit to win three maps straight to take home the title.

We also announced the locations and dates of the next two events.

  • Mexico City Major – March 6-8, 2020
  • Texas Major – May 8-10, 2020


A selection of Gears merch as part of the Holiday Gift Guide 2019 promotion

Still looking for that perfect gift for your favorite player? Check out our Gears Gift Guide including some brand new items just in time for the Holidays!


That’s it for this week’s What’s Up. We can’t wait for Operation 2: Free for All to get under way.

See you online,



No totem/character information?

Also, what’s new in the store?

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The what’s up contained everything but what I was needing to hear.

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There are apparently Celestial Lancer, Gnasher, Snub, Boltok and Talon in eSports Tab of Store.

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Its a strange omission.


Much details very wow
Why wasn’t this prepped and ready for this? They had a full work week to write it up!



So I heard. But I was actually wondering about the featured content for this week. :wink: (Probably nothing special anyway)

Lemme destroy some sweats as Baird in FFA already! and yeah the other stuffs alright I guess


I like the look of Gilded Baird. Give me Gilded Baird.

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  • Fahz Horde buff: Exploit Weakness – removed the constraint that it has to happen during the ultimate. Previously you would get extra damage to weak spots during the ultimate only, now with this card equipped you get it all the time

Surely this isn’t the only buff Fahz is going to get? It’s going to help the character be more relevant, sure, but I’m not sure how by much. It’s certainly not going to be a ‘meta’ changer.


I was gonna say this. It’s a nice little tweak but it’s not gonna do that much. A better card to change in this way would have been explosive headshot

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I don’t think that can happen until characters like JD get straight-up nerfed as well. What would you even do to just make Fahz as powerful as JD? Each round hits for a million billion damage?

I sure hope not. If thats the only change they’ve made, I’ll probably die of laughter.

That is a good point… and I have argued making everyone just as OP as JD is not a solution to a Horde that already feels far too easy to complete(and far too strict in what character lineups it currently allows or are wanted on higher difficulties). While I do want JD nerfed, I would prefer they also rebalanced the bullet sponge insta down enemies to be less on the extreme side of health, accuracy and damage before that, or alongside nerfs.

So long as Lizzie is useful enough that players accept me using the character, I’ll be a… little happier. It’d suck if not.

As long as the Silverback can tank some decent damage, I suspect Lizzie will be useful.

I suspected that if the Silverback isn’t indestructible or doesn’t have a ton of health it’d be useless for higher difficulties(especially with extra damage on). But it can also act as a mobile cover if it’s in rocket firing mode. Which may be useful. Just hope it protects against explosives.

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Even if it does take damage, Repair Tool or Jack’s healing beam should be allowed to repair it. But no need if it’s invincible. And it would last short time anyway to bother repairing.

That seems like a lot of bugs to fix.

looks like the extra Stars we earn are still going to be wasted for now. maybe they can squeeze this in before the majority of us complete Tour#2

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