What's Up - August 9th 2018

(The lMlan) #21

Maybe wait until the final achievements are announced before doing that :wink:

(J4CKA1) #22

Agreed. I’m not doing anything until the last list is dropped. #nope

(The lMlan) #23

I’m not against finishing 1 to 3 collections of skins for an achievement so long as they are available through the normal packs and scrap. But knowing that they are/aren’t going to be necessary for an achievement come September is going to be nice.

Sitting on a gold mine of scrap. Considering absolutely none of these skins are getting carried forward to the next installment, that is all they will be good for.

Go ahead and prove me wrong TC by having all GoW4 skins carry forward…I won’t complain one bit. :grin:

(Charlo2308) #24

Hi The Coalition, I have a problem whith new actualization. The download come to 11% and stop. From westerday the actualization no continue. Help please


What time is the raam pack out?

(Pigeon Park Bum) #26

Wondering this myself, as it’s not out here yet, I’m in Vancouver, and 8am…no store update as of yet

(GreatWhiteShark) #27

I’d say going off by their previous timed-released drops, it’d probably be somewhere close to 5 pm PST, or 3 pm if you’re in central time like I am. Maybe a little bit earlier but definitely in the afternoon.

(The lMlan) #28

Yes. Generally speaking it’s been 1PM EST that everything has been dropping, though they did change their announcement time of the weekly what’s up to 2PM EST in the past couple of weeks, so possibly 2PM EST or your equivalent time.
So like 3 hours from now at the worst, 2 hours at the best

(Skelface) #29

I saved a lot of duplicates too, just in case.

(The lMlan) #30

One cannot be too safe…scrap 500 cards or something like that was a suggested achievement.

(Skelface) #31

I still have a lot of Skill cards duplicates since the Rise of the Horde update, to be ready for level 7. :grin:

(The lMlan) #32

They won’t even put enough man power back on the game to properly address issues…safe to say level 7 won’t be happening because that’s new content they won’t be taking time to make in my book.

But if it does happen, at least you will be prepared.

I will be SOL when it requires some 35-50 duplicates to level up a single card.

I still don’t understand how People complained about battlefront 2 skill cards bs…but nobody batted an eye at these horde skills which were, and are, SOOOO much worse.

Literally can’t win on higher difficulties of horde without them and they are locked behind RNG unlocks to even craft them. Oh you want sniper strike…good luck getting it in a pack.

Battlefront 2 skills at least could be crafted before they were updated to the new system of unlocking. You at least still have the abilities with characters…just less damage, health, cool down, etc compared to a player with the cards equipped.

(GreatWhiteShark) #33

The Rise of Raam pack is out now.

Go get at em, boys!

(Mad Dog Malcs) #34

Sounds good, might be able to get a few games of Guardian in with everyone going for the 4XP! :slight_smile:

(briwu36) #35

Hey did you get that hammy, rng was good to me, got the two I needed in 16 packs.

(Krylon Blue) #36

Yes but it was from my last pack with my last credits. I spent around 13-16K but can’t remember what I had, lol.

(DJ NME) #37

Hahahaha at all the mugs that spent money on these packs.