What's Up - August 9th 2018

(TC Vectes) #1

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears of War 4!

  • Guardian will be our first Summer of Gears 4XP Promo Playlist
  • The Rise of RAAM Content will be available for Credits beginning Friday
  • This weekend is your last opportunity to complete the Golden Gun challenge
  • 2XP continues throughout August as part of Summer of Gears

Find out full details in the full What’s Up post: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-aug9-2018

(TC Vectes) #2

(Slipping Flames) #3

Probably would have been best to hold off on the Raam pack until it could be offered as 2000 CR packs as well.

No amount of XP will get me to play Guardian, Execution, or other mode I don’t like…Throw a substantial amount of CR bonus if you really want people to play those modes.

(Carpus Fenix) #4

Ah nice. Look forward to getting some Guardian on. Always been on of my mos loved modes.

(The lMlan) #5

Would love to see the refined list of achievements just to know what direction the list looks to be heading and how many to expect in the list.

4x xp needs to hit every versus mode on weekends. Then a mode of the week getting double that (8x xp) throughout the work week.

You can still earn a substantially higher amount of xp in Horde and honestly even in other versus modes when guardian offers such a low average score per game and even worse when you have games dragging out because of “smart” leaders sitting back effectively and you get 15 kills in a 30+ minute match.

(Skelface) #6

Next week, we’ll reveal our provisional list of community selected achievements

Currently at 148/149, hope this will be a good list.

(Krylon Blue) #7

Same here. I play for fun and playing modes I don’t enjoy just for XP goes against that.

Raam packs though… hopefully it’s not full of non-Raam skins because I am only missing the Hammerburst and I don’t want any “8-Ball” skins. So tired of those and Sugar skins popping up.

(GreatWhiteShark) #8

Hopefully you will post the selected achievements list here before making them official, just so we can be sure that you guys don’t pick any ridiculous ones. Sorry but as evident as all the ignored feedback posted over the years for the issues plaguing Gears 4, TC just cannot be trusted.

Also, have you guys considered updating the Gears Clip of the Week thread to let people know that submitting clips would not be necessary, since you seem to be picking poor clips at random via Twitter/YouTube. Might come in handy for those who don’t need to bother posting the really good ones on here. Thanks.

(The lMlan) #9

What chievo you got left? Weapon mastery?

(Skelface) #10

“Classy!” (max all Skill Cards for one class).

(briwu36) #11

Usually in the 400 credit packs, the drop rates suck, but generally it is all cards from the pack. So instead of getting a sugar boomshot, you will get the rise of raam markza 10x

(Krylon Blue) #12

Lol, that would be typical since all I need is a Hammerburst. :joy:

(briwu36) #13

Same boat here, just need the hammy and the gnasher. How many packs will it take?

(Krylon Blue) #14

Probably 500. :cry:

(briwu36) #15

I am so poor just 18000 credits, I think I will just buy 20 and hope for the best.

(The lMlan) #16

Ahh yes, I should have known the pointless grind achievement.

Make use of those raam packs when they are out…gonna assume the minimum card out of all the skins is blue rarity outside of the emblem.

400 a pop means nice scrap to credit value.

(briwu36) #17

You are right about the scrap, but I just want to complete the set

(The lMlan) #18

That’s what I do…keep the first of each skin with the inevitable 50 duplicates in between

(OneButtNugget) #19

atleast the rise of raam content is 400 credits.

(Skelface) #20

Yep, that’s what I do.

But I’m wondering if I should scrap almost my entire weapon skin collection, I think >90% of them are just ugly, no point of keeping them if I never select them.