[Whats Up 20th June 2019] How You Earn Content In Gears 5 & More News

Same applied to Credits. We are talking about this though.

Just to confirm, there is no Premium set of content in Tour or anything like that. There is no free vs paid stuff here.


All sounds great except for the duplicates thing. There should be no duplicates at all.

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When you’ve collected everything in that pool of content, there won’t be anything else to collect. So instead, you get duplicates which in turn get scrapped. This could be used for crafting.


If there’s no paid/premium side of Tour of Duty then how do you guys plan to monetize this game? Obviously there’s being able to purchase specific items with iron but then are you going to continue to add items that aren’t included in the Tour of Duty but are exclusive to supply drops and can be purchased with iron?

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If this is the case then that’s all good. I just assumed it would be possible to get duplicates without owning everything, similar to Gears 4, which would be pretty lame.

I get the impression that they’re angling to get even more money out of us, but they’re doing it in a way that feels less abusive. RNG was disgusting. Seems more of the good stuff will require money now, but at least we get more control over what we’re buying.

I’m fine with it. I’ve made threads and posts before telling them I’d spend more if they just let me choose what I’m buying. I wasn’t getting suckered into their old gambling scheme.


I agree with your opinion but also, in some way you would have the opportunity to have something extra by discarding the duplicates, since it was common for you to get something repeated

Supply Drops is it’s own thing, not related to Iron and the Store.

There will be exclusive content in the Store, yes, as mentioned in the post. You will get a limited amount of Iron in Tour to use there, but that’s where any paid content will live.

Tour will get new earnable content to pursue seasonally, and Supply will too - likely at a quicker cadence than Tour. We’ll talk about all those details once they are finalized in full.

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for sure, free Battle Passes are a thing so it’s easy to compare to. it’s nice to know what these are ahead of time.

EDIT: I think all of us would like for the paid content in the store to never expire, pushing people to buy before time runs out is another predatory practice we hate in video games.

Okay this makes some sense. Am I right to assume that supply drop items will show up on the store in a rotation then? Similar to a daily/weekly shop in other games? Can Tour of Duty items show up in the store? Will the store have exclusive stuff that you can’t acquire through other means?

I know you said you guys are still finalizing the details but I’m just interested in getting a sense of what I’m going to see when I boot up the game.

I don’t think Supply items will be in the store, if I understand correctly.

They will be rewards for playing the game and have their own exclusive content.

So, I think,

Tour of Duty has its exclusive items.

Supply has a set of exclusive items (with Scrap to craft).

The Paid Store has exclusives with Iron as currency that you can buy and earn in limited quantities.

@TC_Octus will any eSports content or anything along those lines be available for Iron?

Or will that content be paid only due to money going to prize pools?

Also, will prices in the store be one set price or will we see low end, medium and high?

What would be the most expensive? - this would interest me most. Will you guys cater to the really high end buyers as well or stick with the masses only and ignore the high end? (I’m talking $100+)

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Sounds very positive. It sounds like there won’t be any disparity between Versus and Horde cos unlocking from the main pool of items will be baeed on time played.

I know there have been complaints that in GOW4, Horde pays out more credits than Versus, so the time system makes.kore sense as long as it’s consistent and the same across all modes.

This announcement makes me believe that Gears 5 will be the only game I play until Gears 6 is released.

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Battle Pass fee + pay for content you want (remember how expensive skins were when not “on sale”?), plus skill leveling = probably more than you spent on Gears 4.

Very clever TC.

Remind me where it was stated we would have to pay anything to play this “Tour of Duty”(if it’s something that is played rather than just a set of challenges)?

Boost. I suppose no one has to pay anything. However, assuming that TC times events and rewards as before, it’s safe to assume most people wanting content will buy BOOST.

I pay for the Fortnite battle pass each time for my son. It’s a struggle to reach level 100 without buying levels.

My comments are not intended for casual players, but rather those who desire to collect the content. Thus, assume a monthly payment.

Hmmm, learned much they have.

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Slow there, cowboy. Boost isn’t a requirement to earn anything. It just speeds it up.

“ Boost is a new optional purchasable in Gears 5 that provides accelerated progression for a period of real-world time (e.g. 1 Day, 7 Days, etc.).

Boost offers the following benefits:

  • Double Multiplayer XP
  • Double Character XP for Escape & Horde
  • Double speed Supply Drop Progression

Boost is not required to earn or unlock any content.”


This is amazing news!