What's Up..... 01.10

Sorry if this sounds obvious to some but just saw this comment about double star saturdays. Can someone explain what the difference is

As a reminder, Double Stars only applies for Tour Objectives – not medals – and for players with active Boost

You need to have boost active in order to get double the stars for the daily objectives

Boost you can buy in the store for 1 day up to 30 days

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Sorry… My original question is misleading I meant the difference between medals and tour objectives. Tour Objectives are the ‘kill 9000 enemies’ type thing right?

It just apply in Tour objetives as “kill 10 scions” or “Get 20 kills as Marcus or Granadier Swarm”. Double Stars don’t apply for medals like “kill 9000 enemies” or “get 15 000 000 damage”.

Thanks… I’ve just noticed in this latest update that you can’t see how many stars are awarded for medals anymore

Octus confirmed this is a known bug and not something intentional.

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