What's the split between PC and Xbox in versus?

With all of the hubbub about cross-platform gaming in the tech news as of late, I was wondering who frags more overall with what? Have you been bum-rushed by a wallbouncing console Gnasher or had your dome popped a mile away by a mouse-wielding Torque pc bowman? What would you say the split is in your everyday match?

I do both. I don’t see many PC players (maybe one every other match or every third match).
As far as skill goes, PC players somehow have a rep of being overpowered in this game but it’s nonsense, IMO. I don’t see them scoring any better on average. I like playing on PC because I can make the settings look gorgeous on my nice TV. But, I don’t play as well with as mouse as with a controller. People say PC has a response advantage but honestly, with the multiplayer lag in this game it makes no difference to me. I probably get worse BS happening to me on PC. Or maybe I’m just seeing the BS in greater detail. :smile:

The one area in which console offers a big advantage is aim assist. There’s a lot of stuff you simply can’t get away with on PC that you can on console. Since I started playing on PC it’s forced me to improve my aim and now I play better in other games too.

I really don’t know why so many players are so intimidated by PC players that they turn off crossplay (and it’s not the cheaters because they are extremely rare). I think they just want something to blame and the pc boogeyman is a good candidate.


When I play between the two I play exactly the same - I don’t go for more sniper or more Gnasher.

It’s just feels more fluid on PC though.

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Egen with ranked crossplay toggle on its not that common to see pc players. I’d say you encounter them every 5 or 6 matches or so.

That’s true and then bam out of nowhere full 5-man PC Stack :laughing:

I dont think I ever come across a full pc stack ever in ranked. Even so, it will definitely lead to quitting.

I’ve come across a few - not common but does happen now and then.

I’ve come across a few. The only one that was really good was AngryFPS’s crew. Others ranged from decent to average. I faced a 5 man PC stack last week with a group of randoms and we spanked them so hard I actually felt bad. I was the only PC guy on my team.

Funny enough, I ended up in a PC stack last week too but none of us knew each other. It was random. We did really well and I remember thinking how the enemy must be screaming about “teams” when we weren’t one.

Lmao, did you end up getting reported by the jealous losing teams?

I just checked and, despite taking a few months off and then coming back to PC a week or so ago, I have been reported for cheating 3 times. :smile:

Unsporting twice.

And… get this… Gamertag once… Lolololol…

Im on xbox and got reported 8 times for unsporting and 8 times for cheating.

Thats the Gears community for you. They report out of pure jealously.

Luckily the reports does nothing anymore.

The best “cheat” reports I ever got were on console, in a guardian match where we took out 4 players and I then took nades to the Avalanche spawn and killed the whole team as they spawned next to the leader.
I had two cheating reports the next day.

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Wouldn’t know crossplay is always off and always will be, I don’t mind pc players but pc and Xbox don’t belong in crossplay. PC is far superior in every way.
Seldom do I play social and it’s usually comp warm up and the lobbies with pc players are buggier than normal, that’s saying a lot lol

There’s no aim assist on PC even when you plug in a controller?

Everything I’ve read/heard about the game is that aim assist is disabled for PC. I can certainly tell you that it feels much harder. People sweep shot the gnasher on console because aim assist helps, even if they don’t realize that’s what’s going on. On PC (even with controller) Core feels like Competitive to me because of the difference in damage I get due to accuracy needing to be higher. It’s made me such a better player though. I hadn’t been on Fortnite in 3 months and got my most kills ever in my first day back because playing gears on PC forced me to work on my accuracy and the way I line up shots in general. I have to wallbounce different on pc because a lot of the things I would do that would lead to triples and quads now hit a lot of 83%s and such so now I cut down the bouncing and hard aim more. My bouncing is more for evading when I’m on PC.

YMMV but I can only speak to how it feels to me and the differences I see when I look at clips from 6 months ago when I was console only. I don’t play like that anymore because it just doesn’t work for me now.

Interesting, I honestly didn’t know that. I use to play on console but when I got a PC I felt my accuracy increased specifically with the gnasher. (Controller)

If I had the equipment and software, I would definitely do some drag aim testing on both PC and console to confirm if that’s true about aim assist.

There’s definitely Pros and Cons on for both PC and Console, that’s for sure.

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Although I prefer the mouse and keyboard for this game, generally I find third-person shooters to be easier and more natural with a controller. I remember playing Tomb Raider online on PC with Xbox 360 pad and being top most of the time.

Although I prefer a Mouse for aiming, I cannot use a keyboard for movement in Gears whatsoever :sweat_smile: - therefore controller only for me.

Some FPS I could use M&K but I’d be far better on the controller.