What's the quickest map for surviving 12 chapters of Escape?

I’ve been running The Surge, and while it’s quick, I assume there’s quicker?

It takes 4 minutes from when I start the match (watching the snatcher grab me) -> ending the hive.

I looked for grenades to kill myself with before I reached the saferoom so I could restart once I closed the doors as once you close the doors it counts towards the daily challenge; I couldn’t find any.

I hope this isn’t the quickest method :smile:

Maybe a custom map? One start point and one exit.

The loading screens feel like half the problem so whilst your method sounds good, if you can’t kill yourself you may find yourself spending longer watching cut scenes and loading animations than you do running through. There’s a 3 Act Hive, I don’t remember it’s name, but that would obviously only need to be run 4 times to get your 12. Maybe an option if you can run through on beginner easily enough?

Venom Run is really fast also.

Daily challenges are disabled in any custom game.

Achievements, however, are not.

EDIT: And yea. Load times are a big time waster. I have a beefy PC, and in the end, it doesn’t matter. It still takes 10+ seconds to load into a game, out of a game, then I have to watch that tedious snatcher cutscene, etc. etc.

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@Ektope told me The Descent with its 3 chapters is a good one to do it at but I haven’t yet gotten to test it in practice. You only have to do it 4 times though so deffo cuts down on loading times.


Next time I get the daily challenge, I’ll have to try it and report back the results.

Last Stand is good too. Just go right.

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Descent is the 3 act hive.


The Surge is the fastest in regards of chapters, followed by Last Stand. The Clock is actually relatively fast as well.
The Descend is a 3 act hive yes but still takes slightly longer to complete.

I sense a card per minute / acts per minute evaluation needing to happen

~20 seconds watching your character be kidnapped

~30 seconds load

~20 seconds watching your character escape the pod and deploy the canister

■■■■ me whose idea was this?


Sounds like a rookie decision.

Not a professional one.

Already done that.

The Surge is most optimal for acts.
The End is most optimal for cards.

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Why is the The End the best compared to others?

I’ve calculated it with my mates a while back. Basically we took all loading times into account and the actual hive completion time. We then divided it by cards received from the hive and with that we got a “time per card” rate basically. It was the shortest on The End, followed by The Surge and then Last Stand. Any other hive is lacking far behind. Bonus cards were ignored.

Obviously a little trick is required on The End, otherwise you can’t just run straight to the helipad.

Oh, nice! Good on ya!

Also, what’s the trick?

What is the little trick?

I’d assume the trick is chain Fearing your way quickly through the hive with a Paduk because he can get a Lancer right away.

Quickest for me was to re-roll that objective for free and get on playing something i’d enjoy instead!


There’s a chance you’d get 35 waves of Horde instead. Doesn’t seem like a good tradeoff to me if that happened.