What's the point of the swarm symbol?

What’s the point of the swarm symbol if it never shows up and they mostly use the locust symbol?

Lore mostly

But it’s never mentioned in game

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It’s technically not a symbol in lore, just more of a way to differentiate them from the Locust in all menus/gameplay HUDs.

Lore-wise, the Swarm are obviously evolved Locust and therefore stand by their original emblem in honour of their Queen.


Weird how they’re supposedly better than the locust but feel like a cheap knockoff of the locust instead of a upgraded version of them.


That’s more down to this community’s veteran’s love for the original games and reluctance to appreciate change.

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It’s established the Swarm have just started to evolve from the ruins and establish their queen in gears 5. We won’t see any final form until gears 6. On emergence day the locust were already in their final form and had an ukkon.

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So you are saying this isn’t even their final form?


Of course not because just like Mario, Star Wars, and everything else as long as it makes money they will come up with more ■■■■■■■■ ideas to continue the story and make more money

It was a DBZ reference.

But yeah, it does make me sad that a few franchises I love strayed from what made them great but don’t want to get too off topic :slight_smile:

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I’m willing to bet Jin’s child will be the main character of Gears 7 because why else would they make her pregnant

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Of course. I expect 6 to have more new Swarm bosses and drone variants.



I blame the swarm design they look well not cool tbh

The locust look cool they sound cool and the locust characters are cool

The closest the swarm had to a cool character was the speaker and the killed him off relatively quick

Maybe. Depends on individual taste.

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They dont look like theyve evolved at all. So i dont think it is me not accepting the change.

from their actual bodies? they are more “organic” and less humanoid like so id say advanced in that category. as for armor and their society? super primitive. thats a given since they were just born in gears 4. and they gained a queen in 5. as for the locust who had decades of preparing and also a queen.

and also a military that had ranks and intelligence inside said ranks like Ukkon, Karn, RAAM, etc. and like someone said, the speaker died. I wouldve preferred it if he was a recurring enemy.

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I said appreciate.

Nice reference!!! :smiley:

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The Swarm is cool. Haters will hate.