What's the point of "placement matches?"

“Tip: after you finished your 5 placement matches you will be placed in the tier appropriate to your skill level”


4 placement games top of my team, mvp once, won 4, pkacement: Bronze 1… Onyx 2 in GoW4… hahahahhahaha

Ok, sure game… I just laugh… What is the point of these matches? Just start everyone at Bronze 1 and be done with it… people will move up, right?


You can make it to Silver 3 if you get MVP against Masters ranked players.

Not during the placements just in General. Yeah this system is broken.

Well, the purpose of putting you in a lower tier than you actually are is to get you to grind the mode to prove your rank.

Otherwise, they would put you in Onyx 3, and most people will go, eh, that’s good enough for me.

But then you get placed in bronze 1 and you get a laugh because you are not bronze 1 level.

Don’t think ATM there is any point as there is such a low player base on ranked that your chucked in with anybody playing. Regardless of rank .

Not that it matters bc the matchmaking and tier system is WHACK AF anyway, but OP has a point.

If you’re just going to get placed into a low tier anyway, regardless of performance, then just put everyone in Bronze 3 to start and let them play up. Absolutely no point in placements.

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I have been put in masters once after placement all other times it was either silver or bronze.

Come to think of it, i never got that special lancer skin for being in masters at some point.

Placements have never made sense to me. You should start at the bottom and grind up.
Predicting placements in a few matches can work, on a well honed system, but tc does not have that.

With tc’s incredibly dim witted ranking system its naive to think it would be able to predict what ranks we should be, especially in the first couple of seasons when it has eff all data to look at.
The system that regularly gives minuses for wins is never gonna be able to predict anything accurately.
Tc’s confidence in it is seriously misguided.

One would think the idea behind placement matches is to match you with people of similar skill, yet when the system gives the vast majority a bronze or silver rank and for your first match it places you against diamond / masters (90K + team points) it kinda defeats the purpose.

The way rank works right now you might as well call it “Quickplay without bots”.

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I personally would like to see players tier ranks as a opposed to the level, I could give a damn if the people I’m playing with are all level 12 or level 100 I want to know the players I’m in a match with actual should be in a match with me. I’m getting older so my reactions aren’t what they once were and I’m lucky if I can play an hour or two a night now so why bother putting me in with top tier players ? they don’t want a part time player that is no where near as good as I used to be let alone how good they are. I don’t want to let them down the same way i don’t want my ■■■■ handed to me every game but then I don’t what to be able to smash the hell out of other players without even having to try?

they really need to sort ranking system out


Agree. No reason for placement if everyone starts in Bronze. Seriously Wtf is the point? Only thing I worry about is wins now which don’t count for ■■■■. It’s crazy how I play solo and I actually move up in rank. When I play with a team(Gears= Team play supposedly) and do what needs to be done to get a win I lose rank .

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