What's the point in playing as Dave/Jack?

I am joining a co op session but all there was to play as was Jack/Dave… I’ve done the first chapter and basically have done nothing. The zapper is so week on Insane if i get close enough to use it I die, so what am I meant to be doing? So far I’m just hanging back and watching them play so I don’t die and reset the level.

Jack can use his forge to smelt weapons for energy for the whole team, he can zap & buff/revive teammates and his ultimate takes over most enemies and lets you fight as them.

you can also bring ammo boxes to the team.

Hes talking about in the campaign


I’m dumb as hell lmao

in that case jack is boring


I personally like playing Jack in Horde when I’m feeling lazy. You get to literally just sit behind a wall holding LT on teammates for 75% of it.

Smelting kinda sucks but that’s the tradeoff for getting to be lazy during the wave.

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I get so bored with Jack after 10 waves. Maybe if he had his abilities from the campaign he’d be more fun

Also @UVA_Wahoowa he gets better in the campaign as you progress. You unlock and upgrade different abilities like shock, hijack, freeze ect

there’s no point…

the only thing important about Jack its that I like him as a robot, however to play as him in horde just doesn’t work.

It’s almost like that’s a good Idea TC never thought of.

Na they thought of it. But they figured they drip feed it into the game like everything else

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I thought they were waiting to charge $2.50 for it. Or at least once for every ability .

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Jack is supposed to be the on-boarding character. Easy to play as for someone new to Gears or just video games in general.

This is what TC designed it as

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At that point why didn’t they just add a piece of cover as playable

It’s for persons new to the Gears Franchise and it can also work for people who have already done the campaign and wants to help friends out in doing Campaign on higher levels coop

too many bugs, even for TC

Jack is a Healer Class. Other than that, he is a waste of time, Energy and boring.
He can earn his keep most of the time constantly running back and forth picking up weapons and chucking them in the smelter, but to make it pay, and be worth while you need level 2 or higher Forge. Still, it is boring. I really do not like Jack, i wanted to get him to level 15 for the Achievement, but got so bored with him, i even got bored with the game, on top of the Baird crap recently with the Barriers, i needed a break from Gears 5.
As for Dave, eh, who ??? Bautista ??? He is just a skin… Jack is bore ring.

Dave is Jack in the first Act, I am talking about the campaign, I haven’t played any other mode yet.

Push though till the end of act 2 and make sure you pick up all of his components so he gets upgraded as much as possible and he basically keeps everyone alive while stealthily flashing freezing enemies.

That is as far as I have made it so far because I kept replaying from previous chapters to try and find his components. There are a lot of them and I’m still not sure I found them all because I have been playing the campaign solo so I’m locked into a human charcter plus the 2 lists I found online are both missing at least one component in act 2.

Ive got 100% of the components and collectibles.

Jack, or Dave is boring in whatever mode you play him. But, thank you for the clarity.